Friday, April 30, 2010

nose bleed!!!!!

it's been released!!!!!!!!!
and this man is sooooo......[you named it!!]
aaaa!!!nose bleed Pictures, Images and Photos nose bleed alredi!!!MyEm0.Com

and...and...and.....this is the photo jacket for the 5.01 days comeback....[coollll!]



p/s: looks like an alien! ekekeke....but anticipating tho! =)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


i scream out of my lung for Year 1 class today...Yes! i know it's bad! really bad...and my lesson objective cannot be archived for Year 5 lesson...actually for both classes i guess...what happen for me today, i also dun know.

In Year 5 class, i suddenly felt lost...i dunno how to teach them..i can feel they're making judgment towards me...what a thought! even when i said simple things in English pun, still they cannot understand what im saying and yet act like you're already born with English as ur native language!! arrrghhh....geram nye!!! and i hate textbook! y English need to be taught using that horrible textbook! plz3! and why our education is based on the exam oriented! i also not a good English learner...i know to differentiate the using of is, are , was, were when i was in standard 6, and believe me...Westlife songs really help me in my vocab. You can ask my father for the clarification..i used to remember, every morning before i go to school, i will start the car's engine, insert the Westlife cassette into the radio and sing along with the lyrics in my hands. i do it every morning. i know it's not easy to acquire the language...until now i'm also still struggling with it. And im also not perfect! You can see the grammatical errors in the posting or even misspell words in it. sigh~~~

and for Year 1, i feel really sorry and pity for them. There are students who really give full commitment in class. i feel happy with that. i'm not blaming them for always running here and there, for always seeking for my attention in everything they've done, for everything they said about my attitude, or even if they always asking me to go to the toilet hundred times. they still young and still in the playing mode. i always try my best to make them enjoy with English lesson, even though, sometimes i also can't think of any activity that can be used in the class. But please students, this trainee teacher sometimes just need all of you to follow the instructions. i can the frustration in your eyes saying "What a boring English class and activities." but...but...but... in order you to know the language, you need to go thru all that just like i did when i was in standard 1. huhuhu....

believe me, i really want to do anything just to make sure all of you can used the language as much as i do. As English period is only for 1 hour, it's hard for me to focus to eac one of you. Don't tell me other teachers can as they already teachers while i'm a trainee.

in the school, only me and senah is the truly English teachers, meaning born from the English teaching training while others mostly come from the KPLI program. Not that they don't qualified, it's just there're still something lacking in their teaching...and who am i to judge them as i also the trainee...but please teachers.. (as im also remind for myself)..the one who we're teaching right now is our own people. Malay to be specified, the one who's always been label low achiever in English language and proficiency. There's still lacking English teachers in school, it's a fact that can't be deniable nor be argued.What will happen next? i also don't know...just let wait and see if there's any progress with Year 5 class.

soothing words?

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p/s: down! n tired! =(

Friday, April 23, 2010

Annyeong...!! 안녕하세요

ss501,kim hyun joong

p/s Isn't he's adorable??? ekekekeke....

credit: Lois

Friday, April 16, 2010

weekend's coming!!!

p/s: u on Monday! yada!!yada!!!! [kecoh sungguh!] hahaha....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

as a matter of food...

Me and labu and senah...usually craving for this thing...but mostly me and labu la...senah just like and last week,we fulfilled our cravenness.....hahaha


"mixed rice"
[does the yolk looks tempting? haha]

the hungry face...=)

the 'tahan nafsu' face...[wakakaka]


do you smell wat senah is cookingggggg??! haha

keep stirring....

and more stirring...caution for the hot-ness haha

satisfied faces...haha

finally....[after] haha..licin!

haha even the ahjuhmma said long time no see to us..and i also wondering is she really recognise us that well...hehe and as usual..we got a free

Tteokbokki (Stir Fried Rice Cake) Tteokbokki
[this is how it looks like, no pictures taken for this dish as we 'ngap' it like a hungry crocodile!]

love that ahjuhmma very much...hehehe of cuz for the free here goes the food! our routine food if happen the triplet go for an outing....hahaha

p/s: updating this post make me hungry......[krok...krokk....krokk......]
: oh...this stall situated at The Garden Food Court..n the price is reasonable and u'll be fulled for the whole day! [am i promoting?? haha]

i hearby.....

declaring them as monkeys!!!!!!!

[me in the hot-tempered mood..huhu]

p/s: need more experience in managing class!!!!!

honked to: WMX 6502

bapaku pulang dari kota... bapaku 'beli' kan kereta.. kereta 'kecil' warna 'merah'.. boleh ku bawa ke sekolah.. pon..pon..pon..pon..pon.. kereta 'kecil'ku berbunyi.. marilah kawan mari naik.. boleh ku bawa pergi ronggeng......


p/s: give a hon if u see meee!
: i've just made another debt before i even graduated! =(
:but still...thanks to the sponsers....=P

SUJU Super Show: I was there.......!!!


this is also a late post...this concert happened for the last 2 weeks i guess...but the important thing....i was thereeeeeeeee!

For the first time in my live, I involved in this…I tot I would attend westlife’s but then no luck in past 10 years, then I moved to SS501, but still they didn’t include Malaysia as one of the stop in their Persona tour! Huhuh…and luckily to me and unimaginely, I was there!!! Cheering and becoming the blue E.L.F.

What more can I say….no words can describe..but since it should be describable, it was

· Deeebakkkkkk!!!!!

· Awesome!!!

· Sporting!!!

· Heart pumping!

· And I love their fan services!!! They’re too good and sempoi I would say!

So let the pictures do the talking ya....

* Dangerous Cinderella – Heechul - he's sooo into his own world that night..busy playing with soft toys fans

throw at them...hehe

* A Living Work of Art – Siwon (oh boy, yeah!) hahaha.....he has the 'chocholate' bebeh!!! hahaha...other members

also like to tease him with picking up his shirt....hahaha

* Hottest Baby – Kyuhyun - awwwwww! now only i know his name...this magnae so cute!!!!! hahaha...

* Bubble Boy – Yesung - dunno where's the bubble..but he seems quite too that night, but has magnificent voice...

* Lovable Blurness – Ryeowook - i don't think he's blur...i always see him as lead vocal in every songs, and he really show himself that night...

* Ultimate Sweetness – Sungmin records his own performance in the iphone! hahaha...adorable!

* Bejewelled – Eunhyuk- this fella was really cute! nothing much to say about him..but he's cute la....!

* Sexy Fishy – Donghae - he's the man of the night!!!! yeah!!!! hahaha i never know his existance in SUJU but, after been mention by Lia, my neighbour...he sure catch my eyes lotts! and he has good abs!!!

[man of the night!! of man!!] haha

* Cutie Pie – Shindong - the only chubby guy in all korean boyband! ahahaha...

* Fallen Angel – Eeteuk - always show his side of being a leader!!! and he's cried during the shining stars song!!! awwww....maybe overwhelmed by the support...hehe

[the starting logo]

[the ticket]

[the scandal& sponser: thaannnkkss a looottt!]

[the 'blue' waves from my seat!!!]

[again...the blue lights..n im sure nobody turning blue..ahahha]

[press con pic: from left sshindong,eunhyuk,kyuhyun,yesung,donghae,sungmin,ryeowook,heecul,siwon, eeuteuk]

[the friends...!]

[the performances: f(x) cover-chu~~]

[sorry sorry...the mania!]

[the boys enjoying themselves]

[the encore...:cute with the animals hat]

p/s: the most thing that i regreted was...i don't have or bring any cam(s) with me! aaaaa!!! really wanna scream if i remember bout this...
:i only know 4 or 5 of their songs hahaha....not a big fan though...=P
:they really have the 'aura'..and stunted the whole stadium...
:now..hoping for Double S Five 0 One to touch down here too...! huhuhuhu

~credit pictures as tangged! =)~

Monday, April 5, 2010

moving to a new shelter......

20th March 2010

Okkkkey......first post for the passed few weeks of everything! i just realised that i only post up 2 entries in February and also 2 for March, aaaaa! what happen to me?? would be the most tragic day i would say...y? wait till the end ya...hehe, as i remembered, today i drove from Kajang to Unisel..been promised with Senah to pick up and moved all of our things at the hostel...sooo sad.! after 3 years been loyal to it, finally it's time to move out. huhuhu....

we found a new 'shelter ' here at Kundang, a place that i know the existance due to the school that we get for practicum, SK Seri Kundang...hehe ...So back to the journey, i start my journey around 7am in the morning, after few delays also..finally....

around 9am, i arrived at Unisel and start to 'punggah' all of our things. Imagine for 3 years, i've never ever bought home any stuff...i mean the clothes,books and few other things, plus with senah things...i would say the car looked soo packed as the tyres will going to pop soon! and that [xyqtgendkkshr] thing happened due to my stupidity crushing a rock on the road!!! and we stranded at the Fruit Valley road...the road which rarely have any car passed around accept the big lorries!!! luckily, it's in the middle noon...around 12pm..and it's very hot!!!! waaaaa....! Thanks to Wani Jpam for the help in calling the mechanic and change the tyres..and for your info that car is a borrowed car! huh!!! wat a fate! and it's not ends there.....

Arrived at Kundang around 1pm...and we're fully of relieved because there's no more bad thing happen and yes! we're wrong! i missed the junction to our rented house..and start to reverse without looking back...and baaannngggg!!!!!! [waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! is the tyre 'meletup' again????] buttt....we actually 'kiss' another car butt!! and that Pak Cik was full of suprise as his new Persona, i would say...scratch and broke the signal lamp..! the one in the bottom...not the middle one...and he could't angry with us more since he's going to surau for zohor....hehehe [x baik marah2 kan?]...i'm down! really are! is everything happen due to the 'thing' that im going to attend this late evening???

luckily, Cg. Nor's home, she's the owner..and again..we start to get out all of our things into our new shelter...! Yes our new,simple,sempit shelter! but, fortunately have all the electronic n electric stuff inside! hahaha....far way behind to be compared to Unisel's hostel...huhuh but we try to be grateful..try to adjust everything so that we can make this new shelter comfortable and appropriate to the rent is reasonable enough for both of us....and we our 3rd weeks here...and now fighting with Cik Tikus in the house!!!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

[1st pic, the entry door,straight to our beds]

[2nd pic, the back room where all things been stuffed!]

p/s: new shelter...! finally! upload! hahaha...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

so much to say.....

"so much to say..
but where do i start..
would u listen if i spoke from the heart...."
Westlife - Don't Say It's Too Late

long time no write..
honestly speaking, i've been very busy for these passed 2 weeks..
practicum + lesson plan + school activities + bla..bla..bla..
feeling like already as a career woman!
there're lots to say..
but like the lyric said, i dunno where to start...
i will try this weekend to update....lots..lots..of stories..

been reading Kak Syud blog and she post bout 김현중 playing soccer with some friends
i can't help to not to post these 2 photos.....

~non-gelled hair!~

~seexxyyy backkkk hakhak~

p/s: 1st May come faster for the comeback!! haha