Monday, November 15, 2010

this is the story of a girl....

  • who cried a river and drowned the whole world....[ by Nine Days]
  • her life will entirely change by tomorrow and she missed the yesterday of her already...T_T
  • who believes that people who is overly sensitive and think she's good or great should just be drown in the sea.... [she's evil! but she's sick n tired for being misunderstood all the time]
  • who have many thoughts and stories to share but still dont have the 'feel' to write about it up until this rant.
  • who still in dilemma thinking about how she's going to make an extreme + costly moves for the first time in her life.. [would she be allowed to do soo?? ]
  • who thinks some people who become close to other people just because of the status/power/influence that they had, and the some people should be buried alive! [shame on u! kipas bontot org je tau!]
  • who suddenly obsesses with this guy out of nowhere, where she should just be loyal to one ONLY! [ekekekeke....bajet!]
  • who thinks she should stop now, because she dont know what will wait for her tomorrow, monster? otomen? or even another surat saman ekor..
  • so, she better go to sleep like a good boy above ^_^......

p/s: a random thoughts of 'she/her'.......O_O , as idk if this is true or imaginary? haha