Monday, June 13, 2011

Lie To Me...

I'm sure i should not be posting this up and it's like so suddenly out of nowhere the urge to write come and this time i self-surrender to what i feel. I'm actually in the middle of translating the Episode 4 of 'OneDay' as it needs to be submitted by (tonight?tomorrow?) haha i dont know already, as long as my second boss will see this trans in her email by tomorrow morning and it means no sleep for me as it's just 2/5 of it done?. Yes, i love and miss the feeling of writing without having any restriction to what you're going to put on your post.

In keeping up with my sleepy head, i'm just doing the translating while watching new drama, crazy ait? it's really makes my work slower on the left side while the eyes are glued to the right side even more, but it couldn't be helped. It's just a sadpy sloopy love story as always, where he dumped her then comes new girl and then she's coming back and he wants her back and leave the other 'she' clueless on what actually happen. (cliche already) It just reminds me back on Kim Samsoon, as in here we have Yoon Eun Hye, way better compare to Samsoon but the storyline is quite the same. Yes, i did watched it because of YEH all the way but half way of the episodes, i googled for Kang Ji Hwan. Like i said, it's juat a simple, cliche ,predictable love story but i just love it. It's still getting in sense on how typical waman fall
for a man but the man still in the memories of the other woman. Sigh~~~ life's hard. My fave quote would be, it's the matter on living and starting new life or living with your hunted past memories that will hurt you soon as if the wound would heal.

[leftrightleftright @_@]

Getting until this paragraph, i dont know what i'm rambling about, it's just i need to say what you have read. If you dont understand, then don't be. It's not for information or something. If you do understand, thank you for reading. Maybe i do miss this blog really much. Though it's nothing, but at least it has something that others done, it's a my life journey as well. So better to keep it live and continue writing or just let it dead and rarely open it, it's all my choice. And it's clearly that making a choice is not an easy things do and it's getting complicated when it's involve many parties. Till then, that's all i wanna say.

p/s: i think my hormone ain't stable yet. =.='
: do i sort of missed the [click, cling and pang?] <-------help me 'Azril', what's urs?