Tuesday, December 14, 2010

about being lucky..

It took me a while to write about this as i dont know where to start but wants to share about it. It's something that's rarely happen but do occur in one's life and i just got mine last week. I've never been so lucky in my life, be it my exam results, competitions or even lucky draw, but about what happen last week do make me realise that if fate and miracle takes control or get involve in anything, it'll be awesome. trying to be part of a lucky draw contest wasn't even my attention although the prize is priceless. i already know the consequences about being in the luck and lucky event, where whether you are actually lucky enough or the lady lucky is on your shoulders, then you can win the prizes. Even sometime happen to my friends who actually don't paid much hope on anything and suddenly they won the prize..so envy. So my journey with this lucky charm just started when i bought the TheFaceShop products, just because my MAN [you know who] actually endorse this label for a new contract. Before this, i even haven't laid my eyes on the TheFaceShop and wondered why there's still Bae Yong Joon as their spokesperson. But, it's all changed when Kim Hyun Joong takes place and the rest is history.~~

So, to cut thing short, KHJ is going to do an Asia Tour for the TheFaceShop outlets started in Korea of course, then Singapore and surprisingly Malaysia was included. It's like half of the dream come true already. After the announcement have been made, the info started to fill in and at that time the Malaysia event was actually not confirmed yet but not Singapore. I was thinking of taking the big steps in my life by flying to the other shore until i got a news...i REPEAT it's a NEWS not rumor said that he's confirm coming to Malaysia. Ommoooo! don't know how to describe as i'm myself also wondering is it really true or not? Is this the time where i covered back my frustration over the last year chasing them (SS501) when they landed here for a quick fanmeeting? Tried to gather all my sense which i would think impossible to do as it's all tremble and flying aways as in my mind i would only think "i'm going to KL no matter what!". =)

For the Malaysia event, you actually need to buy the products worth than rm50, so that you'll get the chance to be entitled in the lucky draw. Just a confirmation in participating and not confirming that you'll going to see him face to face and got the autograph. That's bad! really bad! as i'm never ever been any luckier in anything. At that time, i guess the Singapore event is much more secured to attend since they actually selling the fanmeeting tickets by buying the products, so it's actually a confirmation that you're actually will be able to get in no matter what! As long as you're in the earliest people who manage to grab the chance, then the place is yours. After deep of consideration, i'm staying with Malaysia. Not knowing what will happen, i just planned up everything, applying for leave, air ticket also, and sort of one or two stuff. But the most painful part was in getting a good camera to borrow as everybody had their own excuses that weekend. Not going to let the chance slipped by not having a good camera to shot him haha...called me crazy but it's the man that you're actually always looking through the posted photos in the webs and videos in the YouTube. And now, he will be breathing the same air as you, who would have want to miss that chance?

The day of TheFaceShop started to call people for the notification of their winning, i really don't put high hopes as i only spent rm50 compare to others who spent nearly thousand and just solely hope everything will based on the luck. So no preparation on winning other than a stalking plan trip to KL. That's is..until late in the evening a received a call, an unknown number to be precise. And the caller said, "Hi there, i'm from TheFaceShop....Congratulation! You actually......" and i can't heard any words on what he's saying anymore! and i won the Lucky draw!! like that freaking lucky draw! O.M.G! i just started to laugh as i GOT the chance to meet KIM HYUN JOONG!! and the stalking plan turn to be the triple stalking with that chance! hahaha

being able to feel the lucky charm is hard to describe. I mean it's all mix-up and also pretty mess-up too. You feel like you've been blessed or something and somehow ever wonder why you're so lucky in this kind of thing which makes me worried and scared as is it going to be the joy that "HE" wants me to feel before giving in the hard times in future. Not over think about it, i just feel what it should be felt that time. It was a wonderful awesome journey that you'll never forget. You also just gotta learn something new from everything that happen.

Chasing over idol or even fantasied about them may be lame or wasting our time which sometimes people around me won't get it. But beyond the craziness and the chasing there's actually something great happen underlaying the actions and only the people who involved will able to feel it. I ain't complaining for what happen as i valued it as pro and the cons in life. Sometimes being a mature person not only been measured through your action but somehow through the experiences and the journey of becoming one.

p/s: YES! i'm not regret of what i'm doing... =)
: and the series of the stalking will continue...ngeh...ngeh....ngeh.....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

He was HERE!!!!!

and I am LUCKY!!!......finally this man hit this shore and bring his million watt smile together!!!!

p/s : more will come....ngeh..ngeh..ngeh.... <-----bajet mystery! O_O