Wednesday, December 23, 2009

dream trip: BANGKOK!

i really wanna go for PERSONA IN BANGKOK
on 13 February 2010 okey!!!!
since that will be the LAST Persona concert for the Double S 501 boys for the 1st Asia Tour....
no more Malaysia..or even Singapore...
although they promised to come here on the Sept fan meeting in
i don't know why i become this crazy and unwell this time...
i check the flight ticket..
and even found a group to join in this trip as they also would love to be there...
(lucky them....huhuh)
and also already plan the budget for the whole things...
still at the end....the there...
the spirit would be high and low...upside down..left to right n etc..
I WANNA GOO!!! please!! let me!! huhuhu

[when will can i see them live???]

[and when will i can see this heartthrob-ing smile in person??]

p/s: when it comes to these boys, my heart would never agree on
what my brain's thought huhuhu......
[and it's still a dream that would not become true..=( ]

-pictures credit as tagged
-Credit:Video source + English translation:
Subbed: Reena + poohhl @youtube

Friday, December 11, 2009

i'll be back....=)

it's been a long time since the last entry....[sigh...suddenly love writing]
i think there're lots to be told..but no mood n time n space...[maybe...haha]
i'm currently in my final mode..but soon to be ended this sunday!!! [yipeee...yeaaa]
lot of things happened before that: classes, assignments, presentations..
the last thing was submitting the testing & evaluation report which gave us
nightmares to complete it...[tebal ooo..]
this 7th sem [the most busiest among all] also going to end soon...[sob...sob..=(]
lots of memories, friends come and go...
also looking forward for this semester holiday to come.....
and i'll be back! [ngeee...hehehe]

p/s: need to do something during the break that will bring in money!! any vacancies?? hahaha

Sunday, November 15, 2009

rewarding myself?

can i rewarding myself up? haha..
since the 'suam-suam' birthday already away..
after a long hard works...
after countless presentation & micro-tech...
after a late stay-up in completing everything....
i think i deserve it....hehe..
already placed the order...
will update soon when it's arrive in the mail box! hahah

super excited!

p/s: it don't comes cheap! [i'm positive!]
: it's 416am..n i'm still writing... =(

women are not that hard to hold....

i've just finished watching 'The Proposal' (yea...yea...i know i should have finish my proposal..but it's 90% done within a day, should give me a clap what? haha...) Ok! back to the story, (Ryan Reynolds is soooo adorable!!!! [iklan]) hahaha....i love the's just a simple storyline.. There will be always an arrogant woman who acted up like a dictator and somehow finally fallen in love with the guy that she never though would be the one for her..(luckily everything it is, that guys always end up to be the handsome and the handsome one!) . And it is the woman who will surrender first when it's come to to feeling-thingy thing. Meaning, if the woman really do falling in love, we will take the action first, whether to back-off or even to stand-up straight for the man she love....(am i talking bout love here?? sigh...=))

Sometimes, women used to be scared and they just like to preserve themselves not to be hurt to much or rather been hurt alone when the feeling involve. we're not that complicated (i assumed! hehe..) we're just act according to nature and think what is the best for the one we love...( yes! i'm talking bout love...haha) I just love the last scene of the movie when Margeret said her lines:

"There's a reason why i've been alone along this's because i'm comfortable that way..i think it would be easier if we forgot everything that happen and i just left..."

Andrew just keep looking at her and said:

"you're right, it would be easier..."

at last..she was saying....

"I'm scared!"

scared to fall in love or being hurt by love....(my interpretation of cuz....)

My second fave movie after 'The Lake House'...i've once asked a guy, if he happen to be in the same situation like Keanu Reeves in the movie,would he do the same thing as him?..And he said, if that what it takes, he will wait until that man do have that instinct to wait..(when it come to right person and situation....curious? find the movie and watch urself what happen..hehe) 2nd movie also by Sandra Bullock that i love...hehe...

p/s: As the men keep wondering where's his Cinderella, we're also keep looking where is my Prince Charming
:it's 3.24 am..and i'm still awake! this sleeping disorder had strucked me badly!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

i'm lazy!!!!!!

to tell you the truth.......

i'm in my lazy mood rite now!!!!!
even more lazy if compared to this Garfield!!!

  • i haven't finished my research proposal that supposed to due last thursday !
  • i haven't updated this blog for a long time!
  • i 've done nothing!!!
  • argghhhhhh!!! i hate this! my everyday activities: got up, class, korean! (to be precise update about ss501), eating and eating and eating and sleep!
  • i lost my courage, spirit n finishing my works! (even senah keep nagging n smirk at me!)
  • i don't know wat's happening to's like my brain dosen't function anymore!!
  • and....for sure...i'm gaining my weight just like the Garfield!
  • so wat am i going to be? the next orange Garfield???
  • i'm lethargic!
  • i'm pethetic!
  • this is me right now!

p/s: i hate me!!
: and it is 240am...and i'm still not editting my proposal's introduction yet! [dead!] n my friday's just went off like that! sighhh..... =(

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

thank you.....


Thank you..
For staying by my side
Walking this road with you

I love u..
The awkward words that I want to say in front of you
Be blessed..
I must let u live well

For meeting someone like me
I’m still lacking in many ways

I will be by your side until the end
I will protect the beautiful you

I pray not to release this hands even if I die
I promise to walk with you until the end of time
Because the extreme love
can be worn out of time
I vow to keep the beautiful memories
And even the days that we cried

For not able to be better
That I am always lacking in some ways

I will protect you until the end even if it’s hard
I will protect the beautiful you

I pray not to release this hands even if I die
I promise to walk with you until the end of time
Because the extreme love
can be worn out of time
I vow to keep the beautiful memories
And even the days that we cried

Only you can forgive my heart
Even though I am imperfect
Even though I am lacking in many ways
I sincerely want you

Even if the days of difficulties were to come
I will not release the two hands that I hold until the end of time
Because the extreme love
can be worn out of time
I vow to keep the beautiful memories
And even the days that we cried

Thank you..
For staying by my side


nae gyeote meomulleo jwoso
tteollinda neowa hamkke gal i giri
saranghae ni apeseo haneun eosaekhan mal
haengbokhae jal sarajwoyahae

na gateun saram manaseo
apeuda cham manhi bujokhan naega
neoui gyeoteseo kkeut kkaji hamkke hae julke
yeppeun neoui moseub jikyeoga julke

i son nohji anhgil gidohae
sesang kkeut kkaji
hamkke georeogagil yaksokhae
jidokhan sarangi
shigane jichyeoseo uneun naredo
maengse halke yeppeun chu-eok kkok jikilke

deo jalhae juji mot haeseo
apeuda neul mojaran nae moseubi
himdeurodo na kkeut kkaji jikyeobwa jullae
yeppeun neoui moseub jikyeogajulke

jugeodo i son nohji anhgil gidohae
sesang kkeut kkaji hamkke georeogagil yaksokhae
jidokhan sarangi shigane jichyeoseo uneun naredo
maengse halke yeppeun chu-eok kkok jikilke

neoman iyeo ya haneun nae maeumeul yongseo hagil
manhi bujokhaedo
manhi mojarado
ganjeolhi neol wonhaneun na in-geol

ttaeroneun himdeun nari chaja ondedo
sesang kkeut kkaji jabeun du son nohji anheulke
jidokhan sarangi shigane jichyeoseo uneun naredo
maengse halke yeppeun chu-eok kkok jikilke

komawoyo nae gyeote meomulleo jwoso

p/s: i'm touched with no reason! wakakaka....
[sorry bro..the words die and not releasing hands until the end is in here...hehe]

Thursday, October 22, 2009

between a holiday and homework(s)

1. last week was class was off from the friday till tuesday. It's 5 days off! and i'm here, stranded at the hostel!! can't believe isn't it? me neither....haha..usually, when it comes to holiday, me and senah were the first person will 'cabut balik' haha...lepas je kelas terus lompat naik bas balik...hehe but this time around we just stayed at the hostel with the hope and desired to finish all the 'tertunggak' homework yg bertimbung! finally, it's still not been finish until just now. i've just finished editing my research proposal! hahaha... [gimme a clap!] feel a bit relief..but my chapter 2 [literature review] feel like out of mind pun long as i finished it! hahaha....

2. due to the holiday, my roomate asked me and senah if we would like to join a tv show recording with Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah [yes! the famous psychologist 2]...senah was excited thinking that she will be in the tv at last. hahaha. We've been there on friday morning and shoot 3 episodes of the show title 'Making a Difference'. honestly speaking, it is a good show with lots of knowledge n tips..but the way it's been carried out was so bored! Aigoo...i'm just awake when he interviewed the first panel..the rest is history! [there're 3 panel all together] the way this show will be air next year at 6am in the morning! sleepiness may be suit the time of the program shown. hahaha.....

3. this sem, i realise that i'm become more busy. with the assignments of cuz..cannot be denied. but then..there's Residen Sport Day...we [include senah,wani & zati] were 'gatal-gatal' volunteer to help the organisation to make the day come true! was full of meeting and the day of the program is tomorrow! i hope it went well and i'm sure we're will been half dead of tiredness! ahahaha...Not enough with that, we also 'gatal tangan again' applying for the convocation festival @ feskonisel 09 secretariat under the Publicity bureau!...haha..the nightmare starts! haha...this Feskonisel 09 will be held next week due to our 4th Unisel Convocation Day...hope it's all been moved smoothly as planned.

4. My fave boy bands are going to release their album!!! Yes...boy band[s] with the 'S'. Aigooo... quiet excited and trilled to hear their new songs. Since SS501 already release the album, 'Rebirth' for last 2 days ago, i've manage to hear the preview of the album and it is breath-taking +tremendous+amazing!! Their new single, 'Love Like This' is very catchy and sound fresh! haha can't wait for the comeback on clip video guys [oppa sunbae!sarangheeee!! ahahha] As for Westlife, after a year of holiday from recording and tour, they also appear with their 7th studio album, 'Where We Are'!! my long live boy band since school haha....but the frustrating part is, they still have covers in this album even before that Shane several times mention in the interview that there will be no cover at all! guys...what's happen! the new single will be the cover version of Daughtry song 'What About Now'. i miss your own songs lads! still will looking forward to have it...hehe lastly, my Lifehouse band! haha..releasing the 'Smoke & Mirror', it also a brand new album after the previous one last year. Listen to the voice of Jason Wade again made me eager to hear other songs too!! haha the single 'Halfway Gone' really fulfill my expectation...! can't wait to get the whole album!! haha.....

4. i'm coming towards the end, i still hope all my assignments and presentations will fastly move away! hahaha still lots to be settled. looks like the holiday and the homework never works together.! all my friends from other uni will be facing final exam and of cuz will be on holiday early compared to mine! waaa...not fair!! haha...jealous! but..gud luck guys! ti kite plan dasyat2 ek mase cuti? hahahaha

p/s: i think i'm goin to broke again next month! haha...[hope not!]

looking forward for this....

album: Rebirth
Single: Love Like This
Release: 20 Oct 2009

Album: Where We Are
Single: What About Now
Release: 30th November 2009

Album: Smoke & Mirror
Single: Halfway Gone
Release: 8th December 2009

p/s: what does this mean? hahaha....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pergi tak kembali....Al-fatihah...

today is really unsuspecting day to grieve....

3.06 pm this evening, i received a sms from my brother, Kero

"toki xde je tadi.."

i was surprised!! but not numb..sad but not sorrow....
i still can laugh at the class, makes jokes, no true feeling is out...
and even asked Madi why i don't feel the feeling!
maybe i already 'redha' for his leaving..
maybe this is for his own good and Allah loves him more and wants him
to stop suffering for everything have been done to him..

Deep down inside...i have sympathy for him..i really hope
he's been blessed and may rest in peace..
i also hope people who have been using him to stop fighting n arguing
bout the world!! i hate them very much!!

6th October 2007 was nenek,
7th October 2009 was urs,
i have nothing left to say....

in memory..

...raya 2007...

p/s: when writing this, Azmir sms said "toki br siap simpan...imam tgh bace talkin"
and i could feel something blurry.....
(people come n go..n when the time come it also would be i already prepared for that?)

quick update! hehe...

i've just realised that actually i have lots in mind to share, but too lazy to write OR thoughts that keep playing in mind cannot be elaborated as one whole entry due to lack of infos OR it can, but depends to certain topics......haha so i think i'm gonna change the way i wrote this blog before. Just upload what's on your mind been hovered to; short,long, a few, little, many; all...just put it together. Can meh?? hehe......

1. my Oppa Sunbae is back (!!! *excited*) from his public isolation. This is the first glance of him after his recovery from H1N1, 3 weeks back i guessed. Thought the recovering mode would be until end of this month but he's and other boys (SS501) were participating in Korea China Relationship Concert in China just now. He still looks weak but comfortable in figure. Handsome + cool OPPA! hurry for more action!..hehe

2. "Do you really have to be like 'half naked' just to attend faculty Hari Raya celebration??" This is my thought with Senah when we saw, 2 girls wearing a 'nipis + jarang' baju kebaya with sarong + the other one was wearing a short sarong like with an intention to show her nice long white legs without bulu to public as we're on the way back from literature class tonight. "Look at us guys! Hot chicks here!" What a lame attention la girls...but sure works..who knows! ngee````

3. i don't know what all of you think, but i think bathroom is the room where i recall n create new ideas! hahaha.. Lots of things pop up through my head, jumping & jumping but as i sit back and write this entry, only the 2 point above is out to write! grrrr!

4. tones of assignment are also queuing up. Most of it need to be submitted next week. Overall, 3 lesson plan + one research proposal + one bigbook to design = countless time needed!! Remembered a dialogue from our group discussion this morning while discussing one of the assignment. Senah said, "Nie kite duk bincang assignments lecturer lain, skali datang Zarihan (our lecturer for teching writing subject) esok terus bagi assignment baru + nak minggu depan + kene present!" The truth is, Zarihah did leave a note to our class rep. bout the assignment need to be done tomorrow and the class is cancelled! " Lecturers lain bukan main lagi Q bagi assignment + suh submit bile2 yg ok...dtg je Zarihan terus potong Q n submit cepat..terpakse tgl keje lain buat keje die...adoila" bebel Senah
lagi lepas tue...hahahaha nasib la nah oiii.=)

5. this month, October..Yes October! is going to be my broke month! Today's only 6th October and my 'elaun' already quarter left! Giler! tue la...ikut nafsu lagi...Things that's been desired is more dangerous to be admire off compared to things that are needed to buy in the 1st place. Obviously, i already bought something that're been desired to own first and the conclusion is? 'I'm Broke!'. Abah! Help your daughter here......hehehe =)

6. i have new interest in posting new vocabs or words or saying or quote or wat so ever that can be related to those...hahaha You know sometimes you just have your favorite words of the day. As for me, my word for today come across when i watched "The Mentalist" tv show this evening. It's like the trademark of the story to start with this word when its begun, complete with defination + phonetic symbols + explanation = MENTALIST


/ 'men-tÉ™-list/ (noun)

  • someone who uses mental ability, hypnosis and/or suggestion.
  • a master manipulator of thoughts and behaviour.

i think that's all for tonight..and i also realised, it is not a quick update! haha....

there he is with the black cap..always looking down, walking @ Icheon airport
when departuring for China....hehe =)

p/s: assignments + all works!! here i come!!! hahahaha i have to start managing my works if not somebody said i'm not matured if i failed to do so!...LOL

Thursday, October 1, 2009

hikayat Raya 2009...

wah....nie raye ke brape baru nak buat entri pasal nie? haha
mood xde le weh! dalam kepale nie ade je nak post tapi...
kemalasan lagi kuat melanda! haha...
by the way..nie adalah gambar2 sepanjang raye 2009 yang:
  • happening!!
  • superb..besh!
  • create its own story n history...
  • last as a student n last dapat duit raye!! hukhuk...
  • ingat sampai bile2 la....haha
a picture worth a thousand of words..but nie ade byk gambar nie...interpret la ye...haha

Raya Pertama:

  • raya ngan family+sdare mare+spupu spapat...hehe
  • jalan rumah toki+nekma, selebehnye lepak rumah! haha

Raya Ke Dua & Ke
  • Raya ke-2: open house rmh faten, but since G-22 x cukup org..not many photos taken!
  • Raye ke-3: mase nih mmg berjalan x igt alam! start dgn my home, proceed to others houses (frens n seniors houses). of cuz mase nieh mkn byk gile!!! =) weee...muke pun makin bulat! haha

  • then, ptg tue dapat jemputan untuk Pre-reunion for our batch!! SMKAKA 01-05.. BBQ di rumah safwan sebagai tuan rumah. Ramai yang hadir. Jumpe la balik budak2 nie yg last skali agaknye jumpe 2 or 3 years back... (excited!)
:::the girls:::

:::the boys:::

Raye ke Lima:

  • haha tour time AGAIN!
  • kali nie raye di kerteh rumah Ain, since this year she's coming back to Malaysia for raya!
  • of cuz lots of photos taken. cannot change the facts that my girls are the cam manic!! haahaha

Raye ke Enam:

  • around 230pm got an emergency invitation from C-kem to join him n Ammar to Hisham's wedding. haha never thought 5 all us would be going together since all this while we're only contacting online haha...hisham nie geng C-kem n Ammar..merangkap senior kt skolah dulu la...igtkan mcm ade segan2, tp gempak gile duk pok pek2 dalam kete bercakap..haha 2 baru 5 org..haha
  • finish with the wedding, C-kem suggested for a 'lepak' at the beach...haha..vroom3...again..!
  • haha....bergossip+makan kepok=heaven!
  • cam manic-ing at the beach smpai x igt dunie! hehe

sekian....raye ke7 dah on day balik U balik...hehe..though, i think this is the best Raya so far, with the gathering with ex-schoolmates+ meet old friends + and also unsuspecting meeting with the 'two gays' really make up this raye! hahaha...

p/s: still..epi2 jugak...jgn lupe pade yg tiade...huhuhu....
: selamat hari raye! Jom pose 6 + ganti pose plak! hehe

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ragam kami di bulan Ramadhan...=)

this post is really fully credited to skunk senn!!!!!! hahahah =)
thanks for posting n now i'm ciplak-ing..haha

Kepada my lovely housemate j4-2f…ini adalah sebahagian ragam kita ber-6 yg sempat dirakam oleh saya yaaaaa..sila jgn tuntut royolti dr aku huhuhu nama2 insan2 tertentu juga tidak dmentionkan untuk kesejahteraan sejagat…

Situation 1:

kisah mengenai si A yg pening memikir ttng kisah cinta sampai syurganya…dan 3 bersedara iaitu si S, si ML dan si I merumitkan lagi hikayat cinta smpai syurganya..huhuhu…pada satu malam yg hening si A telah di paksa berfikir tentang jodoh sampai syurganya oleh 3 rakan nye ini ketika perjalanan pulang dr OU(stelah puas berbuka puasa mencekik karipap dkt IKEA & shppng rayer dkt padini)….separuh perjalanan beliau terasa perut memulas-mulas, lalu berhenti lah kami di stesen minyak terpilih utk mebenarkan beliau memlunaskan hajat dihati..setelah puas menunaikan hajat..beliau kembali ke dalam kereta dan kami memulakan kembali perjalanan yg terhenti seketika itu..tetapi tahukah anda apa ayat yg telah keluar dr mulut beliau?? ….nie adalah kata-kata si A “hmm time membuang td,aku dah pikiq molek2 dah..antara si a dan si m ”….dan tahukah anda kami bertiga gelak guling bagaikan nak mati..lalu keluar pertanyaan nie dr mulut si S “wehhh hang pikiq pasai jodoh ang time dok berak dlm tandas ka weh ??? lalu bergema lah kembali ‘hahahahahhahahaaahhahahahahahhah’ dr kami bertiga….dan beliau terus-terusan mjadi mangsa gelak ketawa kami bertiga hahahaha

Situation 2:

ada 3 org budak si ML, si S, dan si W yg mane terigin sgt nak main mercun yg ekstrem…dpendekkan cerita Si I meninggalkan harta karun beliau yg mane merupakan stok mercun bola & botol dlm loker bj..lalu 3 bersedara nie mula merancang utk membinasakan mercun tersebut..setelah penat memikir, akhir mereka memilih strategis 3-3-1 iaitu mbaling mercun tersebut ke bawah blok melalui tgkp dapur yg bertentangan dgn guard house(misi membalas dendam kpda guard yg sllu marah2)...setelah berbincang segala strategi, si S bertugas memasang lighter, si ML sebagai tukang lempar mercun dan Si W sbgai mata-mata yg merakamkan tndkn balas para mak guard dan mak guard…lalu si ML pun m’lempar mercun..dan zupppp bommmmmmmmm…tapi tahukah anda apa yg dilakukan oleh 3 sahabat nie??Mereka telah lari lintang pukang kearah ruang tamu smbil meneriap di lantai ala2 bom nak meletup dlm umah mereka..hahahhahahahahha… lalu si A pun berkata “cesssss nak main mercun tp seekoq2 penakut nak mampus hahahahha”

Situation 3 :

mengenai si W yg merupakan org berjawatan yg perlu melaksana tugas2 tertentu ketika bulan pose..pada ari ahad si W telah berkawad di tgh panas di hadapan pak menteri..kemudiannya pada ari isnin beliau ditugaskan melekat memo di setiap kluster asrama berkaitan aktiviti persatuannya..lalu apabila si W pulang ke umah beliau amat S ketika hendak ke kls terlihat si W sdng lena tido..mgkin kerana penat...tapi tahukah anda ?apabila si S pulang ke umah selepas kls..para prebet, si ML dan si I telah melaporkan bahawa si W telah membuka ML melaporkan si W telah mgunakan ayat2 sperti ini.. ‘rase tak larat sgt nie, cm nak pengsan..nak buka puasa laa...nak pengsan...(smbl ala2 nak guling pengsan huhu)’ lalu terus si W membuka puasa dgn membaham maggi di hadapan si ML berasa sgt sedih kerena pd ari tersebut beliau telah dkelilingi oleh manusia2 tdk puasa iaitu si I(mrangkap rumate nye) dan si W.

Situation 4 :

pd suatu mlm yg happening sbb esok nak blik kg ML, si S bersama anggota baru si I dsebabkan si W yg berjawatan telah meninggalkan kami berdua yg chumel utk berbuka puasa ngan pak menteri...lalu aktiviti malam kami bermula..bermotif mercun bola dan mercun botol. Kami berhajat mengegarkan guard house..hahahah..tetapi tahukah anda ? si ML telah mensabotaj cubaan pertama kami dan si I sbagai pembekal harta karun mula menyumpah2...strategi pd malam nie ada mercun berirama duet antara si ML dan si S, dan si I memasang lighter..tiba saat pelepasan..sumbu mercun si S telah pun dlancarkan tetapi mercun si ML jugak telah dilepaskan bersama2 tanpa dinyalakan S masih menantikan bommmmmmm kedua..lalu dier bertanya ‘ ML asal bunyi satu aja ??? mane satu lagi ? ‘ si ML dgn angkuhnya mjawab ‘ aku baling mercun yg tak nyala lagi huhuhuhu‘ si I dan si S hampir pitam mimikirkan kerugian yg d’alami...lalu bergema la ketawa penghuni j4-2f nie A dan si C trus gelak2 guling bersama2 si S, si I, dan si ML yg ‘budiman’.....

Situation 5 :
akibat terlalu ngidam roti pisang di alif firdaus S telah mgajak rakan2 nya untuk menjamu selera dicana...dpendekkan cerita ketika sedang melangkah ke parking park..4 bersedara iaitu si ML, si A, si I dan si S bercerita mengenai mercun..tahukah anda apa yg telah terjadi ??tiba2 kedengaran sore insan ke-5 mencelah... ‘ ehhh engkau jual mercun erkkk ??? kemudian muncul lah kelibat sorg jejaka yg agak I telah pun ketaq perut kerana menyangka lelaki itu bersedara ngan polis, pihak hep atau pak guard...jejaka itu kelihatan sgt gersang untuk bermain mercun..beliau kelihatan begitu mgidam dan telah memujuk kami untuk tlg membelikan mercun dr pembekal si I merasa serba salah kerana beliau cuba untuk merahsiakan identiti pembekal berdaulat beliau...setelah dpujuk berulang kali dengan sore yg sgt pilu, 4 bersedara setuju utk mbantu melunaskan rindu dendam jejaka tersebut terhadap mercun..lalu jejaka itu pun berkata ‘ cmnie aku bg korunk 5 iggit tlg beli mercun bola k ‘ tetapi tahukah anda jejaka yg rupawan itu hanya mempunyai 3 iggit aja di dlm poket seluarnya (moral of story muka nsem, poket tak smstinya nsem jgk k)

Sekian dahulu hikayat kami 6 bersedara..egat tak dlm entri sblm nie aku ada mention hope nie ramadan terakhir aku yg myeronok di unisel ??yesss ia mmg myeronokkan...saya jugak merasakan mercun tidak perlu dharamkan, kerana secara lahiriahnya ia telah merapatkan hub.silaturahim di’antara umat-umat manusia dlm melakukan kejahatan sejagat secara berkumpulan hahaha...

p/s : dlm umah j4-2f nie si C (merangkap rumate si S) adalah yg plng baik...haha xde masalah sepanjang pose nie...senyum memanjang je...hahaha

p/s: hahaha.....will never forget this memory lol...haha...this is our last time celebrating Ramadhan n Syawal together as a university students..lepas nih masing-masing dh berterabur 'tanam anggur' (maybe) kt kampung masing-masing....ahahahaha


oooooo balik kampung...oooo balik kampung... hati girang..!!!! =)

Friday, September 11, 2009

i hate my English!! days i start noticing my English become more worst! how worst is that? i also don't know how to say but you can feel it right a way. most important part is i failed to make people understand what am i saying...meaning, every time i tried to explain something, especially in class the meaning just not's like you 'pusing-pusing' at the same spot and at the end they didn't make sense of what i am's bad is that? i think it's really bad!!!!....i know the answer but when i speak up, the words just tremble and fly away out of now where...and sometimes i even lost the words! serious! no joking! is that a sign of short term memory or what? sigh....or is it my oral anxiety risen these days? but due to what?..that's why i hate my English! i think i can't convey the message well when i speak and when writing i keep repeating the same words. this is also leads to the second problem, lack of vocabulary! the words is not there when i need them....sometimes people just used a word to explain everything instead me, using these long sentences just to make sense in something! I hate it...really hate it!!! i really jealous with some of my blogger friends who can express themselves very much with this colonial language in their entries!

Any space to improve?

Yes! please teleport me to the native speaker country of English! I'm begging you! let me dried up there try to speak perfect English rather then dried up here hoping when will i get the competency! demand isn't it? huh!

i hate my english...but i love the language..!

p/s: cam mane le nak ajar orang lain kalu sdri pun 'kok kak...bertatih lagi bercakap!'
p/s: adoring Henry Golding slang from 8tv Quickeee.!! =)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hankering for Oppa Sunbae(s)

Don't know where to start...but every story should has a start no matter what....and ends with an end whether it is a happy ending or the sad one...try to accept this is my story for yesterday misery and uncertainty feeling that i feel right now.....

It's all started on the 1 Sept morning, when i just arrived at my 'sweet' bedroom at the hostel from a long journey back from my home town. As always, after settling down everything, i went online and searching for usual stuffs like facebook-ing,checking this blog dashboard to see if there is any hot or buzzing news around me. And it is a buzzing or even an extravaganza+shocking news waiting as i can see clearly from the blog that i followed stated......

"SS501 is going to Malaysia for the fan meeting!!!"
"They already landed this morning!!"

(ads@ the hotel)

i was like...are you freaking serious????? just for a night or approximately 5 hours journey in the bus and suddenly this news come out of nowhere!! i was like....OMG...OMG...OMG...!!!! Are they serious??? rase macam nok nangeh!! i start googling for more information and it's confirm that they already been here!!! oh..still don't know what to expect!! and start to spread the news to Senah, Wani and Zati.....Oppa Sunbae(s) is coming!! the person who i never imagine would show in this limit of time..! they were here for their DVD photoshoot and also MV for their latest album. Not enough with that...i started to plan a trip to see them... searching for peoples to count in my hunting and stalking my oppa sunbae(s) since the location for the fan meeting is only 30-40 minutes for where i am what a waste to let the biggest+ opportunity just like that..Wani, Zati and Senah already agreed to join in. Then, Pel,Ju,Nadia and Nabila also interested in excorting me tooo...Pel said she never see me exited like this (before this i only crazy over westlife n planning to ambush them if they come but then suddenly the SS501's comin!) ..n Ju added that i was like someboday else! talking n explaining to them in particularly details bout tomorrow event like i'm the mad fan who get so aroused with that news...! hahaha.. of cuz i was! ahaha

3rd Sept 2009....

Last night, wani told me that she can't join us for the stalking due to overload of assignments plus group discussion that never end...but she promise to lend her car for us... (oh gosh! how could i thanked her for the believe she put in me by giving the key! thanks gal! i will remember ur support!).

After the class finished @1230pm...i'm too eager to go home n prepare..but we have to wait for Zati to end her class at 4 since she will be the photographer that evening...Sharp at 415pm, we're heading towards One Utama...i felt everything seems to move soo slow as i driving the car plus the road was quite busy with people who just come back from work...luckily there's no jam... 515pm...we arrived at the One World Hotel,parked the cars (forget to mention that we're going with 2 cars, Pel is driving the other one) and looking for the place the meeting will be held..once the lift open...i can heard the loud scream + noise from the fans. i felt insecured and when i saw the lines....i felt like! oh!!! where are these people coming from!!!! lots of triple S were there!! and the queue was unbelieveable out of mind! I was like..."okeeyyyy..." the hope is gone!!! i heard the security said the first group of fans arrived there @630am!!!! just for the queuing!! at last, there's someone else that are more fanatic then me!! hahahahaha......

So the wrong decisions started to take place! we decided that we're not going to Q up after seeing the lines (1st mistake!!)Hence, we just hovering around the hotel waiting for any lucky people to pass us the 'all access passes' maybe, or hoping to bump onto the boys at the lobby and bla..bla..bla.. wat a hypothesis that doesn't have any solid conclusion! haha....boring waiting....we take pictures and also meet some new friends+fans just like us hovering around for the luck!......but at the end...we went to the meeting spot again and saw that the fans had started moving toward the conference room for the signing.!! waaa...i was hopeless....i should meet one of my online friend, Keisu who also been there a bit earlier than me..and this is also the first face to face meeting for both of us since before this, we're only contacting through ym...i can't even spotted her around almost two thousand fans there...the place was soo pack...!!

-crazily taking pictures while bored waiting-
-plus...we're making new friends! hehe-

-introducing: SS501!!!-
above(from left): Jung Min,SS501,Young Saeng
below: Hyung Joon,Hyun Joong (leader), Kyu Ming

-photos@the fan signing-
-Jung Min even left a drawing for us as souvenir..hehe nice Jung Min!-

At the end...we just waiting outside the glass door and hoping the boys will come out and waved for us....of cuz... that's just a dream..because they never did!!!!...lots and lots of fans coming out screaming with joy and tears...i was like?? waaaaa....! nok nangeh! haha....but then...we're really feel like giving up beside it's already 7pm....the Q was still long to go...bored with waiting and seeing happy people coming out from inside...we go to find some place to cool down...but when we're back..the line become amazingly a quarter@1/20 to hope was shining again plus i also felt stupid not to just queuing up in the first place!..i decide that i want to wait till all this end! and nabila willingly to stay there with me as the others will go bukak puase first @ Ikea and it will be our meeting point there. As i wait n wait..,i msg keisu up and she said she's already out with my OPPA SUNBAE, Hyun Joong autograph!! oh gosh....i still in the line with nabila..n suddenly the guards that show a "T" sign means it's over!!!!!! they even lied said that the boys already left to KLIA as their flight to Korea will be on 1145pm.. how dare you lied!!!! i finally get to meet keisu there, and she's so small!! haha...can't even imagine she actually that thin n small haha...she's also very excited showing me the autograph and told me that oppa is really hensem face to face! so far..she manage to get two is of cuz the hyun joong oppa..and the other bandmate, Young Saeng.

-tak jumpe yg real...gmbr pun jdla..hahaha-
-keisu,me and nabila...

After talking+hooping for the amazing stories+taking pictures with her...i finally realise that there's no hope at all and finally decided to join the others at ikea...and the 2nd wrong decision take place! y??...half and hour later...keisu sms me said that she saw the boys going out from the hotel lobby and left for KLIA...waaaaaa if i wait a little bit more..!! From the forum and fan stories,they can see the boys freely at the KLIA!!!Actually,the KLIA thing was already in our plan...if we can't meet the boys at the hotel..we will drive there to catch them. And that's the 3rd wrong decision i've made!i don't know y i have no luck at all that day!

1145pm..the boys already departure to Icheon while i'm grieving in the cinema thinking.."is this a karma???"

the pathetic+frustrated+loyal+crazy+fanatic ( will reach the level soon)
= "kipas susah mati"

-thanks girls for the support n company!-
-lain kali kite wak lagi ek? ahaha-
-more xtreme next time..ehehe-

A special n billion n zillion thanks to my girls!! Yes! all of you! start from Wani for let me drive her car, Zati for willingly be a photographer that day..and of course...the morals support from Senah, Pearl,Nadia,Aliya and Nabila! thanks for the company! this trip would never happen with joys if there's no people like you around me that time. We've tried everything....we've made an effort to come and stuff...but if there's no fate n chance to meet, there's nothing we can do....huhuh...

p/s:SS501 oppa sunbae(s)...Ddo bowayo =).....see you at the upcoming concert!!!!

p/s: i wonder next time, how am i going to get the all access pass or media pass..or anything la! hahaha better make a trick n plans now...haha

p/s: i'm heartbroke! =(

some photos credit to:
-the huntress
-triple S Malaysia

Friday, August 21, 2009

tips kejut sahur....=)

Since pagi esok first bangun sahur, confirm ade yang liat nak bgun kan? haha..nih ak share tips ak jumpe kt sini untuk kejutkan member-member yang ade sejarah liat nak bangun nie...hehehe

Kalau nak kejutkan orang bangun tidur especially ni antara caranya..

1. pegang anak jari kiri/kanan sambil tu panggil nama dia perlahan lahan...

2. sentuh bahu org tidur tu..dan goyangkan perlahan lahan..sambil panggil nama dia...

3. renjis air kat muka dia...sambil panggil nama dia...

4. tampar tampar manja pipi dia..sambil panggil nama dia...

5. tutup kipas/air cond

tapi kalau still tak ada respon jgak buat camnih...

1. jerit nama dia kuat kuat...

2. gigit ibu jari kaki hantu toyol gigit

3. simbah air sebaldi...kalau boleh air rendam baju dalam korang

4. tarik rambut dia sampai jatuh dari tilam

5. goyang badan dia kuat2 then jerit gempa bumi gempabumi! tsunami!tsunami!

6. jerit api! api! api!

7. letak kfc ke mcd ke xpun ikan patin masak tempoyak yg baru dibeli sebelah hidung dia..bgi ambik bau sikit

still gak tak ada respon buwat camnih...

1. pergi kat telinga dia...then sebut maa rabbuka! sambil seru nama dia byk kali...

2. pergi kat dia, baca je surah yaa sin....

tapi kalau still tak ada respon je la cara terakhir

1. panggil je orang masjid/surau untuk uruskan...kerana tuhan lebih menyayanginya. ...

p/s: skali..ngan aku2 yang tak bangun nye! hehehe....ya ampun! =)

Salam Ramadhan....

Salam Ramadhan kepada:
  • family (abah, mami,kero,azmir,azrie,azeem) haha
  • kawan-kawan
  • followers
  • viewers
  • stalkers
  • dan semua umat Islam......
May this blessing Ramadhan will give a full gratitude for all of us...=)

p/s: kalu pose - sembahyang= x gune jugak...hehe balance la ek?
Jom g terawikh?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

kisah 3 sekawan...

Ni adalah kisah 3 sekawan A, B, C mase minggu MTS ari tue.....(posting pasal MTS lagi sebab memori pasal mende tue belum lagi reda....hahaha nasib la kan....) ape yg terjadi hanye sebagai kongsian cerite from a fren to a fren of mine....hahahahaha

Pada suatu pagi, selepas habis post-mortem pada pukul 2 pagi....tetibe

A: Wei....jom g Alif Firdaus (restoran mamak) makan roti canai? lapo la plak pagi-pagi nie...
C: Siusss ar wei....!! ko tau x jam kul bape?

B: Jom! x
de hal...ak on je... (die on sbb die driver..)
C: Jangan main-main weh, esok dah la kne turun tgk budak junior buat aktiviti...

A: haha...elek ar..esk bukan ade ape-ape pun, biro ak esok lepak + standby dalam OR je...hehe

B: a'ah...biro kite pun sekadar kene jenguk-jenguk org buat activity je...
(B & C berade dlm biro yg same)
C: ske ati korang la.....
(separuh redho dlm ati nie...) waaa...tlg2...ak dipakse untuk ikut!!
A&B: hahaha...lantak ko le....

Perjalanan diteruskan ke Pekan BB yang agak sunyi pade pukul 2 pagi itu....suddenly..

B: Jom kite gi cari McD ar...haha ngidam la plok..
A: wahhhh...ak on je!!

C: waaaaaaa...wei..logik sket weh!! sius la..!!
B: Sius la nie...ahaha ak semangat dah nie..

A: ak x kisah..ikut driver...

tlg!! ak dipakse lagi!!
B: hahahaha....

B pun memandu dengan berhemahnye pada permulaan perjalanan...hala tuju mereka bertiga adalah McD sebelah Ikea Mutiara Damansara...C duduk sebelah B, kononye teman B driving..manekale A, dah lame mendapat sentuhan kecundang di belakang! (mmg xleh blah!! haha)

Jalan punye jalan, pusing punye pusing...sampaila 3 sekawan nie kt McD tak kelihatan! Rupenye McD tue tgh renovate! mereka ber3 sgtla blurr + putus fius dgn ape yg perlu di buat...xkan nak patah balik..jam dh menunjukkan pukul 3.15 pagi....jauh tue nak patah balik...tetibe C dpt idea nak tepon kawan die yg slalu menjadikan kawasan OU tue sebagai 'taman permainan' beliau....

C: Elo M!!! tdo dh ke? haha wei..mane lagi ade McD dekat-dekat dgn OU nie?
M: owh....ade sebijik lagi lepas terowong...bla..bla..bla...knal x?

C: owh! knal2....on da way nie...hehe

Pusing punye pusing lagi, jumpela McD yang dimaksudkan...dengan muke lapo kedarah..mereka ber3 meng'order' spicy chiken mcdeluxe dan 2 set counter pounder....
sambil makan...sambil la mereka membuka cerita tentang post-mortem tadi + ade la ngumpat + gossip ape yang patut..hehe

nak dijadikan cerite mase on da way balik, mase tue dah pukul 4 pagi....B telah membawa kereta dengan steadynye....tiba-tibe....

C: B!!!!!!
(menjerit sbb kete tetibe 'weng' ketepi secare tibe-tibe)
B: ye...!! hehe..
C: weh...kalu ko ngantuk ckp!! bagi ak bawak..
B: xdela..ok je nieh...

C: ok ape nye!! ak tgk mate ko ttp td!!!

(gilenye B..bleh lagi cover)

B: ok...ok...
C: Pasangla laju fave ko tu...nyanyi ikut lagu tue...

B pun pasang la lagu fave die...sambil menyanyi ikut l
irik, irama, tempo n sume la! tapi makin lame makin perlahan....

C: B!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ngek la ko!!!
(kete 'weng' sekali lagi!)

B: hehehe...ak ok lagi la....
C: brentila...tukar plak!!! Jgn cari pasal!

B: yela...ak brenti...

kereta pun dihentikan dan driver bertukar....C meneruskan role nye sbagai driver baru..mesti korang tertanye-tanye mane pgnye A kan? kalu nak tau, menurut cite a fren to a fren of mine tue, A telah lena dengan selena-lenanye di bel
akang! adoi..... (A...A..napela jd g2...) tapi..menurut interview dengan A, di kate die sedar mase kejadian berlaku,tp mls nak kecoh takut jd havoc..hehe

mase bawak kete tue, C pun dah ade aura-aura mengantuk die, terpaksela die melalak dalam kete, mengikut lagu dalam radio untuk mengelakkan kete jadi 'weng' mcm B bawak....dan die mmg sgt berdoa agr cepat je smpai....
akhirnye...mereka selamat sampai pada pukul 5 pagi, pade mase tue biro disiplin sedang sibuk meng'hambat' budak-budak junior ke masjid untuk subuh jemaah...Lepas aje parking,

A: Uih....cepat nye smpai... (tetibe bangun...)
B: hahaha...tgkla sape yg bawak
C: Cepat apenye...!! spruh mati ak bwk kete sbb ngantuk!

3 sekwan itu pun terus lena dlm kete sementara tunggu biro disiplin blah....kang x pasal-pasal kne tindakan.....hahahahaha...
itulah cerite yang disampaikan oleh a fren to a fren of mine...

moral of the story?

1. jgn overnight kalu dh tau tido tue x cukup (yela...letih mts x hbs lagi,g cr penat lain)
2. kawal nafsu makan tue dengan baik! nie x..nafsu beso sgt smpai nok mkn McD pagi-pagi bute..
3. mujurla xde ape2 berlaku...kalu x..mesti cite nie x smpai kt ak..hahaha
4. ........................................ (korang
tmbahla sdri ek?) haha

(gambar ini adalah tampalan semate-mate...xde kene mengene dgn yang ad + yg dh xde..hehehe)

p/s: serik!!!....hehehe =)

Friday, August 14, 2009

MTS: It's Over...

Semalam berakhirnya secara rasmi program Minggu Tekad Siswa(MTS) untuk pelajar-pelajar junior dengan aktiviti terakhirnya iaitu Malam MTS yang bertemakan multicultural society (agknyela...dh lupe exact theme). Sejak mendaftarkan diri pada 4/8/2009 di Unisel hingga la semalam 14/8/2009, terase mase itu terlalu sekejap berlalu, mungkin disebabkan kesibukkan dalam memastikan program berjalan lancar menjadi faktor sampai tak sedar yang aku and the geng dah bermaustatin kat Unisel lebih dari 2 minggu, jauh meninggalkan cuti sem yang sepatutnye dihabiskan kat rumah hehe..

Ape pun of cuz la byk pengalaman baru,pahit, manis dan duka (menyampah) yang dapat di kutip sepanjang minggu program hahaha. Bermula daripada kursus induksi untuk kami selama 2 hari 1 malam, kepada perancangan master plan setiap biro untuk pengisian program selama 3 hari dan juga pada minggu perlaksanaan yang bermula pada hari pendaftaran pelajar junior. Ditempatkan di biro pendaftaran, aku agak ada jugak kelebihan yang dapat dikutip untuk dijadikan pengalaman idop nie. Mungkin lepas ni bleh la hantar resume dengan meletakkan pengalaman bekerja di Bank Islam (dengan men'distribute'kan bank slip di kaunter cash..haha) takpun pernah bekerja sebagai costumer service..(sebagai penunjuk arah flow dlm dewan..haha). Namun, tugas tetap tugas, whether you enjoy with it..or you just leave it, it's up to the end, you will find the true bless in what you're doing.

Kalu bab tak cukup tido tue rasenye lumrah la....pukul 2, 3 pagi baru balik..then esoknye pkul 8 @ 9 pagi dah ade meeting (wah3...pandai doh sebut perkataan meeting lerning...haha) rase macam robot pun ade..tdo dan bgn dengan sendirinye macam sudah ade ketetapan yang wajib untuk dilakukan + ad jgk rase nak small matter la tue...sebabnye..ari nih kepale otak aku masih waras...hahaha kalu dengan biro aku sendiri plak, dari pagi smpai petang terlibat dengan pendaftaran pelajar junior(2 hari pertama)+senior(3 hari terakhir)...kire nak skodeng tue bolehla + krem kaki,urat saraf,otot2 sbb duk berdiri jerk!..haha tp bile bab bekerja dengan pihak pentadbiran nie..kite dapat tgk mcm mane perangai each department tue bekerja (tp totally nye hampeh!) Mungkin dengan flow bru dengan meletakkan kaunter bendahari n unit record together-gather bleh meningkatkan comunication between both office yang selame nih bleh di lihat semcam ade hugh barrier for them to communicate which ak sdri pun x paham cmne la bleh jadi g2...yang susah nye nanti students sndri jugak...hohoho itu pun masih lagi ade banyak masalah birokrasi dalam dewan tue + kaunter jananiaga (secare gediknye!) nak jugak menyibok duk dlm dewan tue. (as you can see la kan bile daftar...hohoho)

Semester nie, bleh kate 80% facilitator dalam MTS adalah muke baru. mula-mulenye 20% muke lame itu sgt bimbang dengan kemunculan muke-muke baru nie untuk menggerakkan program. Ye ar...newbie beb...satu habuk pun x tau...and 'veteren-veteren' nie mmg sgt gelisahla dengan pemilihan yang di buat oleh HEP 'terchenta' dengan meletakkan muke2 baru..kepercayaan yg sgt minimum diberikan sgtla overwhelming! pergh! kalu x bg peluang mane la nak dpt pengalaman kan? tp kami newbie-newbie baru ni dapat memberikan performance yang mantap dari segi perancangan dan perlaksanaan skaligus menutup mulut dan meraih kembali kepercayaan veteran-veteran dalam MTS itu sendiri. Maybe adela satu due masalah yang happen, tp mane ade sume bende perfect? with it je la...then br la bleh tau yang diri sendiri tue sebenarnye fleksible enough tak untuk deal dengan pop-up problems with great solution on the spot hahahaha wat to expect? expect the unexpected of cuz! haha...ape yang ak dpt tgk kali nie..pengisian program byk kepade briefing sane sini, kurang penglibatan activities yang mungkin perlu untuk pelajar ikut..(cian biro xtivt reka byk games utk bdk2 nie...xtau x sempat hbskan semue ke x.) Tapi, yang paling penting adalah mengubah persepsi pelajar-pelajar baru itu sendiri terhadap minggu orientasi. Berikan satu mindset yang baru bhwa orientasi do give fun but in the same time educate them in the right ways. So xdela bile sebut orientasi je,kepale trus pop-up nak ponteng (mcm ak dlula! haha),biar diorang sndri yang rase excited untuk follow program yg dah tetapkan tue..baru la syok! Kami facilitator nie pun xdela rase mcm terpakse je nak buat tugas-tugas tue bile kami tengok diorang dapat enjoy dengan provided activities.

Special credits go to Mak Labu, Pekan n Melor (copycat punye...), aku (hahaha), Rashidah), mak kundur, dephnie, mei yi,mariama,nithiya,nina,faz n ida dan sume yg terlibat ngan registration biro la...haha..kerane kite maintain cool + bleh gelak ketawe sepanjang mase...hahaha.

Overall, everything went smoothly according to plans. Got to know new people and also some perception of mine (in positive n negative) towards people also change. N kite sendiri pun x tau org judge,look and value kite nie mcm mane....ape-ape pun, it's a huge experience to gain in this process of life....hahaha

p/s: aku x rase la plak newbie kali nie ramai yang control macho n ayu! kalu ade mungkin sorang due yang x dpt diselamatkan lagi...hahah change your perception alsola my fren..hehe.

(photo credits: mppunisel blog)

Birthday Girl....=)

~~~14th August 2009~~~
Happy 21st Birthday to my dearest+best
(erk?!) friend!!!!!

(ak tau ko suke wak iklan colgate bile amik gmbo...hahaha)

  • moga panjang lagi umo n murah rezeki..
  • ko la sahabat mengumpat+mengutuk+ketawe+berduka+berlari+berjalan+makan+main badminton+shopping+adventure aku...haha
  • idup ini perlu teruskan drama idop anda..haha
  • hadiah? nanti2 la ek? sume list yg ko nak tue mahal2...haha tgu ak jd kaye dlu! haha
  • last, haha bile nak blanje ak? hahaha

p/s: bukan senang untuk rapat, bukan senang untuk serasi dan bukan senang untuk bersame....=) tp perbezaan kite lah yg menghubungkan semua itu...(ayat aku ke nieh?? haha)