Friday, January 7, 2011

webby speedy web....

the last ranted about me finding a job was on 5th October 2010...and today is actually 7th January 2011 and im employed! my posting thru this blog would be only ONE post for each month back?? so pathetic....! How to cure this pathetic-ness? [ade ke words tu? haha]

Sorting back of the past is good! and you actually can laugh about it. how funny, mad, crazy and upside down ur life is...and i'm thankful THIS not-so-'alive' blog did stored something that i think i wouldn't even remember if i don't wrote it in here.

Yesterday, i had lots of things in mind. Just because i read the newspaper..haha how busy life can be even u can't read at all...huhuh.. and at this moment i realise working's suck!! got tons of work to do and even has to come on weekends, but the pay is SMALL! When i said's really is!! T_T hardly catching up with one thing, you already got another things to settle... =( Just leave the work thingy here...cause the load would never finish.

Back to lots of thought in mind...., yes...i still have it ..unorganised and need to write down on paper first as always..hahaha looks soo serious isn't it? but, it;s actually works. i can't write about something without drafting it first on papers, lets just said the paper and i have the connection...not forgetting the pen. haha then how you're going to be a journalist or editor?? <------itu belakang kire!

*trying to clean the webby speedy web* haha

So guy, this girl has nothing to put up here. this is also a random one since i posted the last photo here, and the i realise about the lack of updating. Though, i'm sure there's not many people will stop by here...but still it's something good to share..ahaha...ape-apela...will moved this lazzy butt to work more and be more hardworking!! erk??!

p/s i'm turning to one year older.....O_Y


this pic is toooooooooo big in resolution that you could only see half? of it...haha...

p/s was trying on how to hotlink actually..hahaha...