Saturday, March 26, 2011

procrastinating...'s me!!! (sweeping all the dusk here...)
i hate of writing, 'it's been a while' and IT IS!! i'm always a lazy bum, and when i can't make my thought to get out from my brain thru my skull and on this blog, then i'm a failure. See how the topic of today's posting? yes! i'm procrastinating over other important things that should be done and finished maybe last week? Now i understand the underlying meaning of this word when my friend, Tasha keep using it before.


by means: is putting off or avoiding doing something that must be done.

And right now, i'm suppose to revise the notes for the subjects that i'm going to teach next semester but i havent done it yet and i'm avoiding it by updating this blog and going to give a full rant about it. I bought home all the books that related to the subjects, go through the syllabus, marked which page i should going thru again and still i'm stuck in shortening the info into a neat notes. Can i just read it and not preparing any notes for the students? new way of teaching is i love torturing them in writing it out instead of me giving the photocopied ones.

Speaking of next semester, it's a short sem but i've got 4 subjects to cover it all and i can feel how a dead meat i am in order to prepare all the subjects. C'mon guys, if possible they want to squeeze all the English subjects in this semester and my total of teaching load would be 26 hours/week. it's PACKED! no more internet, no more running man and no more twitter i believe. but..but..but... it's all a timetable and on a paper, who know what might actually happen during the course...ekekeke...not going to spoil it here.

I've been thinking lately how i'm still here, in the place where i used to think that i will leave it in a short period of time but now, i'm still continuing till the 2nd semester. Even my friend already quit and already gone back to her hometown for better a future. I never brag about it before, as i don't what should i say. Though, everybody will advice me to stay there and gain something from the experince and i believe i am doing it now. i don't know how serious, or hopeless or drained this upcoming 6 weeks will be, but we shall wait and see the outcomes.

Procrastination, running circles in my head.
While you sit there contemplating,
You wound up left for dead (left for dead)
Life is what happens while you're busy making your excuses.
Another day, another casualty.
And that won't happen to me.....

p/s: how i love being able to write in here.....T_T