Tuesday, December 14, 2010

about being lucky..

It took me a while to write about this as i dont know where to start but wants to share about it. It's something that's rarely happen but do occur in one's life and i just got mine last week. I've never been so lucky in my life, be it my exam results, competitions or even lucky draw, but about what happen last week do make me realise that if fate and miracle takes control or get involve in anything, it'll be awesome. trying to be part of a lucky draw contest wasn't even my attention although the prize is priceless. i already know the consequences about being in the luck and lucky event, where whether you are actually lucky enough or the lady lucky is on your shoulders, then you can win the prizes. Even sometime happen to my friends who actually don't paid much hope on anything and suddenly they won the prize..so envy. So my journey with this lucky charm just started when i bought the TheFaceShop products, just because my MAN [you know who] actually endorse this label for a new contract. Before this, i even haven't laid my eyes on the TheFaceShop and wondered why there's still Bae Yong Joon as their spokesperson. But, it's all changed when Kim Hyun Joong takes place and the rest is history.~~

So, to cut thing short, KHJ is going to do an Asia Tour for the TheFaceShop outlets started in Korea of course, then Singapore and surprisingly Malaysia was included. It's like half of the dream come true already. After the announcement have been made, the info started to fill in and at that time the Malaysia event was actually not confirmed yet but not Singapore. I was thinking of taking the big steps in my life by flying to the other shore until i got a news...i REPEAT it's a NEWS not rumor said that he's confirm coming to Malaysia. Ommoooo! don't know how to describe as i'm myself also wondering is it really true or not? Is this the time where i covered back my frustration over the last year chasing them (SS501) when they landed here for a quick fanmeeting? Tried to gather all my sense which i would think impossible to do as it's all tremble and flying aways as in my mind i would only think "i'm going to KL no matter what!". =)

For the Malaysia event, you actually need to buy the products worth than rm50, so that you'll get the chance to be entitled in the lucky draw. Just a confirmation in participating and not confirming that you'll going to see him face to face and got the autograph. That's bad! really bad! as i'm never ever been any luckier in anything. At that time, i guess the Singapore event is much more secured to attend since they actually selling the fanmeeting tickets by buying the products, so it's actually a confirmation that you're actually will be able to get in no matter what! As long as you're in the earliest people who manage to grab the chance, then the place is yours. After deep of consideration, i'm staying with Malaysia. Not knowing what will happen, i just planned up everything, applying for leave, air ticket also, and sort of one or two stuff. But the most painful part was in getting a good camera to borrow as everybody had their own excuses that weekend. Not going to let the chance slipped by not having a good camera to shot him haha...called me crazy but it's the man that you're actually always looking through the posted photos in the webs and videos in the YouTube. And now, he will be breathing the same air as you, who would have want to miss that chance?

The day of TheFaceShop started to call people for the notification of their winning, i really don't put high hopes as i only spent rm50 compare to others who spent nearly thousand and just solely hope everything will based on the luck. So no preparation on winning other than a stalking plan trip to KL. That's is..until late in the evening a received a call, an unknown number to be precise. And the caller said, "Hi there, i'm from TheFaceShop....Congratulation! You actually......" and i can't heard any words on what he's saying anymore! and i won the Lucky draw!! like that freaking lucky draw! O.M.G! i just started to laugh as i GOT the chance to meet KIM HYUN JOONG!! and the stalking plan turn to be the triple stalking with that chance! hahaha

being able to feel the lucky charm is hard to describe. I mean it's all mix-up and also pretty mess-up too. You feel like you've been blessed or something and somehow ever wonder why you're so lucky in this kind of thing which makes me worried and scared as is it going to be the joy that "HE" wants me to feel before giving in the hard times in future. Not over think about it, i just feel what it should be felt that time. It was a wonderful awesome journey that you'll never forget. You also just gotta learn something new from everything that happen.

Chasing over idol or even fantasied about them may be lame or wasting our time which sometimes people around me won't get it. But beyond the craziness and the chasing there's actually something great happen underlaying the actions and only the people who involved will able to feel it. I ain't complaining for what happen as i valued it as pro and the cons in life. Sometimes being a mature person not only been measured through your action but somehow through the experiences and the journey of becoming one.

p/s: YES! i'm not regret of what i'm doing... =)
: and the series of the stalking will continue...ngeh...ngeh....ngeh.....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

He was HERE!!!!!

and I am LUCKY!!!......finally this man hit this shore and bring his million watt smile together!!!!

p/s : more will come....ngeh..ngeh..ngeh.... <-----bajet mystery! O_O

Monday, November 15, 2010

this is the story of a girl....

  • who cried a river and drowned the whole world....[ by Nine Days]
  • her life will entirely change by tomorrow and she missed the yesterday of her already...T_T
  • who believes that people who is overly sensitive and think she's good or great should just be drown in the sea.... [she's evil! but she's sick n tired for being misunderstood all the time]
  • who have many thoughts and stories to share but still dont have the 'feel' to write about it up until this rant.
  • who still in dilemma thinking about how she's going to make an extreme + costly moves for the first time in her life.. [would she be allowed to do soo?? ]
  • who thinks some people who become close to other people just because of the status/power/influence that they had, and the some people should be buried alive! [shame on u! kipas bontot org je tau!]
  • who suddenly obsesses with this guy out of nowhere, where she should just be loyal to one ONLY! [ekekekeke....bajet!]
  • who thinks she should stop now, because she dont know what will wait for her tomorrow, monster? otomen? or even another surat saman ekor..
  • so, she better go to sleep like a good boy above ^_^......

p/s: a random thoughts of 'she/her'.......O_O , as idk if this is true or imaginary? haha

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

this is LOVE...

guess what i accidently found!!
my background music with vocal...!
was browsing the YT as always, then a friend tweet about something else but this music as the background and with VOCAL!
all this while i though it's only the music along plays by Yiruma...hehe
so let's listen together...

[this one is him himself sings it on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook show]

[this one is him playing the piano while the vocal sing by Ravin]

p/s : i wish i can play like him...but that's only my hangat-hangat taik ayam... O_O

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i realise...

i just realise that,

i really do take care of people, but in the same time unconsciously hurting them inside...huhu

i do be very attentive to them with my action, but then i will hurt them too with my acts or even words....

i do care for them without verbally saying it loud, but at the end i failed to make it last long,

i do give good impression to people, but at the end me myself who ruins it...[crash n burn]..

i always be the person who actually to be blame, if the friendship ruins...hmm am i too provoking sometimes?

whatever it is, i just wanna say this out loud, i do care for you people...all of you...sometime it's just me who's really bad in expressing myself, or maybe too good in acting so that people wont know who am i actually...hahaha...

p/s: oh..maybe this is the way i'm actually expressing myself...hahaha
너 같은 사람 또 없어 주위를 둘러봐도 그저 그렇던 걸

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


If a head-hunter is someone who’s actually looking for an employee, i would say searching for employers is even harder. Since all my life this time involve being a jobless person, more or less my facebook status, my twitter’s tweets and now my blog entries deals with a jobless people’s rant. I ain’t complaining but i’m sick of it. Now i start to fight with myself on what happen. Should i go for something out of my league, or wait for an opportunity that offers me to be well in my own field? The field that i devoted myself for 4 years in study.

Truth said, i’ve no confidence in following that straight path. I have no confidence in teaching people with my absurd English and have no confidence in dealing the people who actually seeking for the knowledge that me myself think i don’t have anything to offer. Oh! Please understand!

I’m just looking for opportunity to be extra ordinary, and now i’m thinking is it a failure to actually enrolled in course that offer no skills in it? I mean, an engineer student who lack of English skills has something else to offer to the job-world, that is his/her engine skills. English is just a spice that will make the market will go for you and sign you up with them. Then what about, an English student, who’s trying to apply for a job, she has nothing to offer other than an English qualification degree, with no other skills. I have friends in the teaching field also, the reason they’ve been accepted is because they sell their English well. Meaning that, they can acquire the language well compare to mine. [down!!]

OK, i’m mumbling about the language again. Sometime i think, can Bahasa Melayu takes place in everything? Hahaha...of course it’s impossible...!

Hahahaha..ignore my rants. I really felt to vomit it all here as in releasing of what i feel now. It’s not that i don’t like to be educator, but this person is too greedy in looking for something more in her life. Being different from anyone else which she also don’t know how, what, when and where to start it off.

p/s : bla..bla..bla....

crash and burn!

It’s all started 2 weeks ago when i received a phone call late in the evening,

When the caller introduced herself, i’m stiff and numb a while before i could decipher of what actually she’s saying.

I was so excited to get the call and after a brief interview through the phone, she asked me to sit for an aptitude test after Hari Raya.

I told my parents about it , and they objected it in the first place since the job descriptions has nothing to do with my degree qualification. But then i insisted in trying the test for gaining some experience.

To cut thing short, i sit for the test. It was an IQ test with compilation of Math and some problem solving questions. Along with me are 4 other candidates who i believe seeking a job position as mine. Finish with the test, i felt, “Ok..this is it, i’m not going to pass it.’ since i left so many blanks. Next few days, a woman called again said that i passed the test and wonder if i can attend the 1st interview for the position. I was like ‘what?? I did???’ but of course it’s all in mine..and i couldn’t believe it also to what had happen. Once again, i packed my bags, headed to KL once again for a promising future as i believe of course.

I’ve been interviewed by a manager i guess. He’s so kind. Asking questions like you already guess in the beginning, and i stuttered a bit when he mentioned how much do i expected for the salary. Still, after the interview, i do hope for something, but then it’s too good to be true to happen in mind. The atmosphere was very promising and he said i better prepared for 2nd interview after this also. So i was like, Ok another interview to go. It was Monday as I could remember.

On Tuesday, once again a voice of a woman called and asked me for the 2nd interview. I couldn’t believe it! Am i that lucky? Or is it something with me that you need to confirm more? When I’ve been escorted to a room, i’m shock that the interviewer is a foreigner. She also looks nice and i’m shiver. I know her expectation would be higher. Everything went well although i think i screwed with my speaking a bit. What do you expect when having communication with a native speaker, of course she expects you to be well communicate with her.

On Monday, i got a replied e-mail saying, “We regret to inform that you are not through for the shortlisted candidates. It’s because we need candidates with good English communication......and bla...bla..bla...”

DAMN! Been rejected is soo hard! It’s even harder when it’s involve something that you think it’s your field to communicate well in English and at the end, it’s actually fails you.

Not that i’m complaining my English, but YES! I AM! i keep thinking on how to improve my English communication. Can someone send me in the Fed Ex box to English speaking countries so that i can learn mine? I do believe language is something you actually acquire. No matter how hard you learn, you will not be good as the native’s one if you don’t be surrounded by them or even used it in your daily life. So any solutions for me?

p/s: when the fall is too hard, you don't even feel the hurts.

: am i creating story up there? so not me! haha then who is ME?

Thursday, September 16, 2010


hidup nie kadang-kadang sangatla 'menekankan' [ ignore the grammar..]
from every inch of you life..
up side down..it can push you to the bottom or even put you up high..
still job hunting sucks!!!!!
my life = pathetic.

p/s: seriously uncertain!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

i win???

p/s: yeah... i win!! soo please!!! let me go!!! huhuhuh

Saturday, August 21, 2010


it's such a lame when you're 22 but been treated like 12...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

pick me...choose me...vote 4 me....

how's the title???
psycho much??....ekeke..
the pick me..choose me lines is from Grey's..
i don't remember which season..
but i think the earlier one..when Meredith wants Derek to pick her over Addison..
ok..enough with Grey's triology...haha..not going to do the synopsis of the show here..
[btw..i just realised that, i missed private practice for the latest season!!]

ok...the thing that i want you to vote for is this!!!! hahaha.....


at first, i don't have any doubt of not going...since the price is quite expensive...and from the earlier post Geneses said it going to be RM150...but turn out it become Rm400 for the vvip...insane right? how on earth that would do. Still, i don't take much attention to the fanmeet, just listening to friends who's going. then, last night Unni Liza asked me where's my board?? She said you better do and post it there...your chance is still there..but then the leading person already got hundred 'LIKE' already..huhu...

so today's evening, i just gathered all my recycle things and started doing the board...i never thought it will turn out well and making Azeem as a model also sort of advantage..although his face full of chicken pox..ekeke...Right after berbuka, my board finished! this is my 2nd board so far..hehe and i posted it..and i started promoting it to friends. You never know what networking would do to you...and i'm very grateful to have supportive friends with me too in promoting the board's picture..haha [in the same time give a big traffic to 8tvnitelive facebook as well...



so...from there until now...i manage to collect 90 'LIKES' in 5 hours from all the friends....at first i thought only 10 people chosen to enter this contest and only 1 winner, but when i read again it said...
"The 10 people who get the most "Likes" for their photos will get the following:......."

so i still have the chance..as long as i maintain the 'LIKE' from the people....aaaa! still can't believe this!!!! hehe...will get to see the magnae in SS501 for free...hope the luck will be on my side..cause it never be when it comes to contest. huhuhu...


what can i say...i heart all of you who'd help...really!!! i've never done this before..and it's really a good and amzing things to do...thanks a million to Nieza, for being nervous with me, also working hard for the 'LIKE', i really touched how we could have done this so far cause not even a month we've know each other...that's the power of fandom...once a TS..always a TS....
Lets wait till the end of this contest..how much i would gain from this...it's end tomorrow, 20th August 2010 and the result will be announce on 21st August 2010 live from 8tv nite live...so tune in ya..? hehe..

and don't forget to "LIKE" this photo....

this is the link..

[8tv Kim Hyung Joon fan board contest]


if u unable to like it, just "LIKE' the 8tv page first, then you can proceed by "LIKE-ING" my board afterward...hehehe...see ya with the like!!!! hehehe


the contest ends already today (21/8/2010). With over 260 likes...i just hope for the best...hehe...

p/s: feels like voting for the general election je...hehehe

Sunday, August 15, 2010


love tumblr!!!
new thing to explore hahaha...
dun know the function much except uploading...hahaha..

Saturday, August 14, 2010

when a friend meets a friend...

so here i am, in U.K.M again....2nd time this week...haha..
on Monday i already here with Fatin's family for her big day...
CONGRATULATION!!! friend...finally you're graduated!!!!
and on that day itself i received a call that interested in 'seeing' me that friday which means today...

and today i'm here again, arrived yesterday evening for an interview which happen this morning..
[ok...i feel this sentence kindda 'keling' sket...buat2 paham je la...] haha
so i stayed again..at U.K.M in fatin's room..hahaha..

the interview went well...
NO! i don't tersengguk this time...[cynical enough!]
i arrived an hour early..and since it was held in a famous place, Palace of the Golden Horses..
everybody said WOW!
but actually it's was occurred in the hotel's lobby! [screwed you!!]
i even asked the receptionist if there's any function room been booked by the company that i will be interviewed. but none!
aigo....luckily the interview went well..
most of it, they asked about how their methodologies can be imply in current education..
i just 'goreng' what i had too..
it turn out nice and harmony [cewah!! exaggerate ok!]
and both interviewer quite friendly and make the situation in a relax mode...
not hoping much...but if they offer good salary..i'll grab the chance...hehe

i had bukak puasa with Jue today...
unexpected plan turn out to be well planned...
been planning since last week..but since everything was in chaos..too hard to rush for a meeting..
so we finally made it today at MidValley!!!
the easiest place to reach from our place...hehe...
i arrived there late..around 715pm...
she's been there around 630pm...
poor her need to wait for me as she's came straight away from work...
we had our bimbimbap as always...ONLY bimbimbap..too broke to order others...ehehehe
and chit chatting n gossiping non-stop!!!
i told her bout my 1 month life, she told me about her new career life..
and it continue until we have to move on and take our own path again....
it's too different talking to people face to face compare to ym-ing or fb-king...
missed the old memories..=(

journey back home..
to that undesirable, indescribable life...is it??

oh..when i'm in the train...i caught up a new word....
rarely used..first time i saw it in my life...
so who said they know everything about English vocab?? me..don't! haha


[To make clean, bright, or fresh again; renovate.]

the report talk about the Hentian Pudu who will not finish re-build on this Hari Raya

and also this...was asked by Fatin's roomate,


(sjûrn, s-jûrn)

[A temporary stay; a brief period of residence]

Simple meaning right...yet the word is soooo bombastic! soo realistic, fantastic..haahaha

p/s: a day..is a day..

Friday, August 13, 2010

people perception...


p/s: screw the people...it's your life...hahaha... O_O

Sunday, August 8, 2010

who am i?

wah!! first time got a tag..and i got it from Tim..haha thanks so much dongsaeng! plus, it also the first time i'm thinking hard about myself..adeh!! right until i wrote this part, i manage to list down only 14 things about me...haha [bad..bad..bad..]

Once you’
ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 30 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

1. i tend to write down things on paper first, then i will type it out. i have no idea y!

2. i think i've the split personality..hard to explain..but i just have.

3. i also think i have like 2 forever enemies in my life which would be really miracle if we be nice to each other again. but i have countless friends, so don't bother 'bout that. [ngeee...]

4. i hate my english. i made an entry about it before. but i love the language although i dun support the PPSMI..haha..[ dad, plz send me to the native speakers' countries..i don't mind sitting in the FedEx box like 'George of the jungle'. =P]

5. my weakness is that 'i care too much' [papa roach-scars]....on everything. [kindda sick sometimes but can't endure it yet...]

6. i simply get curious by everything...EVERYTHING! [thanks to the google by providing everything i need hakhakahk]

7. i can feel myself get drain from any good info or knowledge lately, which is bad! It's a sign that my brain just don't think hard. maybe due to lack of reading.!! aaaa come back to me~~~

8. because of Westlife, i have a penpal that last more than 10 years since i was 12 years old. And yes we're still in contact until today. *winks!*

9. because of SS501, i really expend my friends..from a stranger then turn into someone really close...that you never imagine how cool we are~~

10. i dun regret a single thing by being a fan, as much as it's look , i really learn a LOT of things that keep myself grows and making me of what i am today.

11. till this date, 080810 [nice number!] i'm still unemployed! attended one interview, but i screwed it up. [*bangs head to the wall~~~*]

12. it's hard to list 30 facts/things about yourself since, it's the people around you are judging you who you are and what you do.

13. writing is hard! i really adore people who writes so much yet so long in their blogs. Like they turn the talking into words..really wow! dat's y i really admire the writers..[novelist. script writers. etc..etc..]

14. i really can work under pressure. Really! it makes me more focus and i will be surprise with the result. and this time, you will see yourself pushing to the limit..whether u get through or failed!

15. if i drink nescafe, i can hold up until the next day not closing my eyes an inch. the most would be 24 hours non sleep! [it really happen!]

16. i haven't done my essay for job's application!!!!!!! [failed!!!!!]

17. oh..i love basketball but never in my life compete in a tournament.

18. i'm suck in spelling..so don't ever imagine myself in "Spell It Right" challenge...hahaha

19. kindda don't like the cheezy weezy lines...hahaha

20. i eat everything..except the rock and stick wood..[see the body la...haha]

21. if i pissed with people, i tend not to look into their eyes when we're talking..

22. i really wondering if i'm not taking TESL as my major, what would i do?

23. i can't measure things by math sequence e.g. 4km, 3m, just give me the exact info in things that i can see..like in minutes maybe? hahaha...

24. i'm still thinking hard now in completing this up to 30...haha

25. oh...my favorite line would be...'hahahaha' 'hehehehe' or 'ekekekeke'

26. i don't really into anime..i just read and follow detective conan only haha

27. i'm universal. not judging until it's should be judge.

28. i really believe that some people just born lucky enough in this world....O_O

29. most of the lines that i type here start with the pronoun 'I'. of coz..it's all referring to ME!

30. finally!!!! who am i??????


p/s: with these 30 facts it still hard to know a person..haha

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August surprises...!!! Anyone?

too many surprises in these few days, it really killing me inside softly...really!! aaaaaaa!

1. This fella is actually got her first job after graduating!!!!!!! ommo!! i'm speechless when she called me and keep saying OMG!OMG!...i tot of wat...n suddenly realized..yeah..she's going to start her hectic life soon. We're just got so inspired in finding the potential company or collage address to send out the resume the night before and today she got a call for being accepted to work! oh, hell YES i'm jealous!! haha...but not the negative one..more about myself being unemployed at home..Ju, kerja kuat2 yea?? Nanti blanje aku! hahaha

2. 김형준 is confirm going to town!!!!! i mean after the Geneses makes us, TS, to 'LIKE' their status for that, then late in the evening they announced that they will bring him for a fan-meeting/fan-signing..haha although he's not my 김현중..but still should support the SS501 members ..haha..also really give a big shock for a short notice like this...aaaa..a big plan ahead..stalking and hunting SS501 come again!! this time, he's alone..ekeke by the way, 생일축하합니다 (saengil chukha hamnida)김형준!!!

ekeke... as for now i need to find lots of money to keep my life flows...if not im dead...who said money isn't important in this world???

3. AirAsia also the one who turn me crazy too this time, how on earth they announcing the lowest price to Korea when im in this condition??? rm255 for 2-ways!!!!! way too cheap!!! really ar!!! i'm not able to breath! seriously..kindda going crazy also....all my friends that i know are going!! are!!! Chincha!!! T_T......i wanna go also...one of my friend even offer to pay for me first then i can pay her later...but i dun have gut to make the decision now...if im at Ju's position who already has a job, i would definitely going!

p/s: not really surprises..but yes...it makes my heart beats fast!!!! O_O

Sunday, August 1, 2010


i have nothing in mind...
or maybe i actually have it..but don't have the feeling to put it in words and sentences..haha
since this is a random post..
just want to make this 'home' alive....altho it's still lonely with nothing..hehehe O_O

p/s: oh...help me out with this lazies!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

permanently home...

today is my [wait...i need to count 1st...fri,sat,sun??] 3rd day home! [3rd day baru??]
just spent the whole day unpacking all the 3 years stuff that i bought along with me no matter where i go...and it's lots!! mostly papers! hahaha...[poor trees..!]
what i mean by permanent is..i'm officially finish my study!!
yeay!! [is it really yeay??]
no more assignments..
no more exams..
no more lectures and bla..bla..bla..
sounds good ait?
but i still have a feeling that i'm in a short break as usual and will going back soon...
where?? i dunno..cause i don't have any place to go except here...hohohoh...
so here i am..
lingered around...

and i still haven't figured out what im going to do with myself..
people said fresh graduates always choosy in selecting jobs..
and now i do understand how it is as i'm one of them now..selecting based on what i want not what i'm needed...[understand??no?? forget bout it...]

aaa....and now i felt too lazy to update the resume...or even send some emails to the place that i really wanted to work with...[eh...where lorr?]

aaaa...! [scream in the head......]

aaaaaaa! [smack the head to the wall.....]

p/s can i hate 김현중 for no good reason?? huhuhu

Saturday, July 10, 2010

how stupid is that???

how stupid is that...
when u went for a job interview..
during the briefing about the company, products and bla...bla...bla..
with 12 other candidates...
you actually 'tersengguk'..
[gelap mase depan!]

p/s : i felt stupid and wanna kill myself! [dead....dead...dead] =(

Thursday, July 1, 2010

so many things..yet so little time...

it's been a while...
always been a while...
and always let it be as the way it is..
lots of things but then the environment or the mood or even too busy to blog..
should have just write the thought when i have one..
not like kumpul-ing it and then it will gone slowly..

so where should we start...
i'm need to be active today..
or not i'll be a dead 'moving' thing..
i HAVEN't SLEEP since yesterday!!!!
mengalahkan Meredith Gray....
it's all because of that so-called observation from the supervisor..
we prepared everything..start from the lesson plans, the teaching aids and bla...bla...bla.. and i stayed up until now just to make sure all my works done for him...
but then...sharply at 7am this morning a msg came said...
"Morning.im so sorry i cant make it for today. down wit fever. can i come on tues?"
hasnah scream...me plak just...feel nothing!
huhuh kuasa tuhan nak deman...what can we do...huhuhu

so here i am...
telling those who reading this ntah ape2 rant...huhuh
it's been everything in this late 2 weeks..
both my brothers now in their new life as a true student life in campus...
while mine also towards the end of being a student..
feel sad...in the same time relieved..but mostly uncertain..
about what?
about what i will be done after this whole practicum ends..it's around 1 week left before it ends
seriously no thought..and plans?? all plains failed...
and now i hate to plan...may the days and time decide what will happen..
whether i stay or gone for good...
so..if any of u know places searching for employee call me ya?? haha

hmm...also something happen to the person i most blogged here..
if u're familiar here [like there's one la kan? haha] of cause no other than 김현중....and the other lads...
one post will up about them...it takes a while to process eveything in gathering all the thoughts..
waiting for the good news to surface..and hope the BOND will be forever..
without a leader is not the same...[yeah...i'm listening to Forever now and if it's Haruman@Only One day..i would teared up! tear aje..not crying..haha] huhuhu
if u don;t understand a thing about this paragraph..just leave it there..hehe..no harm or lost of skipping it...
y always about that 김현중 and Double S 5 Oh 1? because they're the spotlight in mine now..hahahaha..so..Let Me Be The One who Love Ya Forever! [of cuz not me only lorr...haha]

so..anything else happen to me? none maybe..or i can't recall..
my brain cells decreased...that cause the short term memory and also the laziness in me..
scientific proven? none! cause i made that up! hahaha

ah-ha!!! i sent my enemy away already!!! yep3 that bloody term-paper!!! haha i dunno what my other supervisor would think..but believe me sir..
i put so much effort in it...really!!! chommal!!! [watever..like he believe u!] hahaha
and end up a friend who always quite low in our group already got a green light to 'jilid' her term paper...sagt x adil! huhuhu...anything depends on lecturer...
can i say that campus life 50% of what u've done or mark or anything come from them?
no matter how much u scored in ur presentation and bla..bla..bla...at the end...same O same O result happen! cet3! and how Malaysia wanna do the school based assessment towards the school pupils and students? haha Ministry, u should explain further..not just uttering it out cause u think it's worth to try...no..no..no..! better dun try or else would happen...

is my not-having-sleep for a day makes me this chatty and mumbling? if this what happen i'd love it! hahaha..
but make sure i'm not 'tersengguk2' in the staff room sudah! hahaha...

think have to go now...
chekgu petang dh nak masuk...n i'm one of chekgu petang seat..looking for available plug to cucuk krolll's laptop...hahah sorry bro..u're lappy quite tempting compared to mine! [i might share how my laptop looks lilke..ahaha u'll be speechless] hahaha...

so folks..till then...annyonngggg!!!!

p/s : should i apply for a writer or journalist position?? [bajet!!!] =P
p/s : and i survived today from the sleepy head!! O_O
p/s : n now the playlist play the Only One Day song......T_T

Friday, June 25, 2010

[no entry]

i'm sooo freakin' lazy in updating THIS blog!!!!!
so how???? ootoookeee???


Monday, June 14, 2010

leader said.....

Leader 김현중: "I love You"
Green peas: "One more time! One more time!"
Leader현중: "I'm not an easy man."

this is what happen at the Newton FanMeet..as the boys actually
held a mini show for green peas..
can help but to post those conversation...
and all of them crying(T_T) esp jung min & hyung joon...

is leader's speech dat touching? haha

p/s: my holiday ends today...hukhukhuk..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

things getting worst...

check my result last night..
with empty feeling...uncertain also..
and.....DANGGGGGG! it's really hit me hard..
but i've no feeling...
hopeless maybe...
towards the end of everything, things getting worst..and worsen..
penat je maintain from the start.. =(

let's see how the remain 2 will succeed or will fall in the same place....
and now i know..when we're really get used to certain things, we don't bother to feel or change it...

frustrated naruto Pictures, Images and Photos

p/s: makes me even more wondering what will i do in the future...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

school holiday!!!!

i just love holidays!!!
even more when i'm in the 'half-career' world!!

[school holiday!!!!! oyeh...oyeh....]

by the way..
today's 06-06-2010

생일 축하해요
[saeng-il chukha-haeyo]
happy best-day!!! hahaha


of coz i'm home!!! ekekeke....
term paper mode DEACTIVATE!!!

p/s: hehehehe....ideas...come..come to me!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

tell me goodbye...

Pejam celik, next week is going to be 10th weeks already i'm in school! time flies! really!i never expacted it would be this fast..with so many things undone..with only 1 observation so far...i could never expect this experience going to end soon! it's about 4 week to go before it's all end. Stop talking about missing, cause i already did. Even now i already think about that Year 1 troops. hmmm...will they learn better after this? will they listen well to the teacher who replace me? too many questions..and only time has the answer. should i just say goodbye?

One of the blog that i always visit said goodbye today...when i'm tweeted her asking about it, she felt it's not save anymore to her spilling things or secret there...huhu that's hard..it's like you love to do the blogging but it's just can't be done anymore...i like to read her rant..how's sometime she can be mad about the days haha..and she share same interest in KIM HYUN JOONG...aaaaa! i'm following her ok! not stalking! haha... Me myself also feel too lazy in updating this blog...i have the story but don't have the words to story...that's bad...cause i think when you writing, it's like you tell stories to other, no matter what story it is..if you fail to make them understand or even smile or even has a gist of feeling..you just failed! should i just say good bye too?

and..today also i've got a news about my term paper's date of submission...our previous seniors got to sent it a week after the practicum, and Labu done it in about 1 week time only! As for us, the bad news is a new date has been finalised on 18th JUNE!!!!!! next month!!! in about 2 weeks time!! and it's get even worst when i'm done nothing with it...means..i haven't start anything! aigooooo! My friends @ facebook keep stating that they not going to grad this year due to the extension of this term paper subject! Guys..., better we fight till the end...just do and push hard..i know we all can do it...don't give up or in...i'm not sure about myself..but i will catch up till the due! and this time..i never can say good bye..and welcome to it once more...just can't! this time just go with the flow! =)

enough with these goodbye (s)...and this 'Good bye' is worth to listen, i tell you...

i love the song...kindda like usual english pop song..could be like BSB or N Sync...and the concept quite cool!...way to go guys!

p/s: tell the good-bye if it's needed....hohoho..

Monday, May 10, 2010

1st present as a teacher..

i know Teacher's Day would be long way to go....not too long also..on 16th May [my mom corrected me...you can see in the side bar haha]...but this time, i'm really flattered when i got it last Friday from my year 1 student, Syahreez. Last Friday was the nursery rhymes competition for Year 1...it's actually for the English week activity, but then the teacher's in charge wants to do it quickly last week...with no preparation done by me and my class, we just practiced in the class only 2 days before the competition day.

and..you can already guess how they performed that time, dalam kelas bukan main....korang la hero...atas pentas...mulut pun x bukak! uih....! geram pun ade...but then..they did their best and got the 5th place among 7th....tooo bad! haha...

then, during the recess, this boy came to the staff room and looking for me. i never expected he would do such thing, coz he's just like a mature boy..how to say ya... for example, while all his friends is competing to write in front, on the whiteboard, he just sit there and wait till them finish, you know kids react when they get excited... but he's really a good student of mine. ok..back to the story..Syahreez come to me and show me this 'thing' as if it is mine...but it is not...then i told him, "it's not mine....and r u sure it's mine?" then he just said, "i bought it for you..." and ran away after i gave him lollipop in return....

and it is....a PEN MERAH!!!

[the pen merah...]

[some of the boys with the 5th sign: aiman dracula, shuhyl and syahreez]

p/s: i'm really touched for it.......and senah laughed very hard for this...! cet3!!!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

You know i love you.....

p/s: =)

Friday, April 30, 2010

nose bleed!!!!!

it's been released!!!!!!!!!
and this man is sooooo......[you named it!!]
aaaa!!!nose bleed Pictures, Images and Photos nose bleed alredi!!!MyEm0.Com

and...and...and.....this is the photo jacket for the 5.01 days comeback....[coollll!]



p/s: looks like an alien! ekekeke....but anticipating tho! =)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


i scream out of my lung for Year 1 class today...Yes! i know it's bad! really bad...and my lesson objective cannot be archived for Year 5 lesson...actually for both classes i guess...what happen for me today, i also dun know.

In Year 5 class, i suddenly felt lost...i dunno how to teach them..i can feel they're making judgment towards me...what a thought! even when i said simple things in English pun, still they cannot understand what im saying and yet act like you're already born with English as ur native language!! arrrghhh....geram nye!!! and i hate textbook! y English need to be taught using that horrible textbook! plz3! and why our education is based on the exam oriented! i also not a good English learner...i know to differentiate the using of is, are , was, were when i was in standard 6, and believe me...Westlife songs really help me in my vocab. You can ask my father for the clarification..i used to remember, every morning before i go to school, i will start the car's engine, insert the Westlife cassette into the radio and sing along with the lyrics in my hands. i do it every morning. i know it's not easy to acquire the language...until now i'm also still struggling with it. And im also not perfect! You can see the grammatical errors in the posting or even misspell words in it. sigh~~~

and for Year 1, i feel really sorry and pity for them. There are students who really give full commitment in class. i feel happy with that. i'm not blaming them for always running here and there, for always seeking for my attention in everything they've done, for everything they said about my attitude, or even if they always asking me to go to the toilet hundred times. they still young and still in the playing mode. i always try my best to make them enjoy with English lesson, even though, sometimes i also can't think of any activity that can be used in the class. But please students, this trainee teacher sometimes just need all of you to follow the instructions. i can the frustration in your eyes saying "What a boring English class and activities." but...but...but... in order you to know the language, you need to go thru all that just like i did when i was in standard 1. huhuhu....

believe me, i really want to do anything just to make sure all of you can used the language as much as i do. As English period is only for 1 hour, it's hard for me to focus to eac one of you. Don't tell me other teachers can as they already teachers while i'm a trainee.

in the school, only me and senah is the truly English teachers, meaning born from the English teaching training while others mostly come from the KPLI program. Not that they don't qualified, it's just there're still something lacking in their teaching...and who am i to judge them as i also the trainee...but please teachers.. (as im also remind for myself)..the one who we're teaching right now is our own people. Malay to be specified, the one who's always been label low achiever in English language and proficiency. There's still lacking English teachers in school, it's a fact that can't be deniable nor be argued.What will happen next? i also don't know...just let wait and see if there's any progress with Year 5 class.

soothing words?

Life Pictures, Images and Photos

p/s: down! n tired! =(

Friday, April 23, 2010

Annyeong...!! 안녕하세요

ss501,kim hyun joong

p/s Isn't he's adorable??? ekekekeke....

credit: Lois

Friday, April 16, 2010

weekend's coming!!!

p/s: bye...bye...school..see u on Monday! yada!!yada!!!! [kecoh sungguh!] hahaha....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

as a matter of food...

Me and labu and senah...usually craving for this thing...but mostly me and labu la...senah just like so..so..hahaha and last week,we fulfilled our cravenness.....hahaha


"mixed rice"
[does the yolk looks tempting? haha]

the hungry face...=)

the 'tahan nafsu' face...[wakakaka]


do you smell wat senah is cookingggggg??! haha

keep stirring....

and more stirring...caution for the hot-ness haha

satisfied faces...haha

finally....[after] haha..licin!

haha even the ahjuhmma said long time no see to us..and i also wondering is she really recognise us that well...hehe and as usual..we got a free

Tteokbokki (Stir Fried Rice Cake) Tteokbokki
[this is how it looks like, no pictures taken for this dish as we 'ngap' it like a hungry crocodile!]

love that ahjuhmma very much...hehehe of cuz for the free food..hehehe...so here goes the food! our routine food if happen the triplet go for an outing....hahaha

p/s: updating this post make me hungry......[krok...krokk....krokk......]
: oh...this stall situated at The Garden Food Court..n the price is reasonable and u'll be fulled for the whole day! [am i promoting?? haha]