Saturday, May 22, 2010

tell me goodbye...

Pejam celik, next week is going to be 10th weeks already i'm in school! time flies! really!i never expacted it would be this fast..with so many things undone..with only 1 observation so far...i could never expect this experience going to end soon! it's about 4 week to go before it's all end. Stop talking about missing, cause i already did. Even now i already think about that Year 1 troops. hmmm...will they learn better after this? will they listen well to the teacher who replace me? too many questions..and only time has the answer. should i just say goodbye?

One of the blog that i always visit said goodbye today...when i'm tweeted her asking about it, she felt it's not save anymore to her spilling things or secret there...huhu that's's like you love to do the blogging but it's just can't be done anymore...i like to read her's sometime she can be mad about the days haha..and she share same interest in KIM HYUN JOONG...aaaaa! i'm following her ok! not stalking! haha... Me myself also feel too lazy in updating this blog...i have the story but don't have the words to story...that's bad...cause i think when you writing, it's like you tell stories to other, no matter what story it is..if you fail to make them understand or even smile or even has a gist of just failed! should i just say good bye too? also i've got a news about my term paper's date of submission...our previous seniors got to sent it a week after the practicum, and Labu done it in about 1 week time only! As for us, the bad news is a new date has been finalised on 18th JUNE!!!!!! next month!!! in about 2 weeks time!! and it's get even worst when i'm done nothing with it...means..i haven't start anything! aigooooo! My friends @ facebook keep stating that they not going to grad this year due to the extension of this term paper subject! Guys..., better we fight till the end...just do and push hard..i know we all can do it...don't give up or in...i'm not sure about myself..but i will catch up till the due! and this time..i never can say good bye..and welcome to it once more...just can't! this time just go with the flow! =)

enough with these goodbye (s)...and this 'Good bye' is worth to listen, i tell you...

i love the song...kindda like usual english pop song..could be like BSB or N Sync...and the concept quite cool!...way to go guys!

p/s: tell the good-bye if it's needed....hohoho..

Monday, May 10, 2010

1st present as a teacher..

i know Teacher's Day would be long way to go....not too long also..on 16th May [my mom corrected can see in the side bar haha]...but this time, i'm really flattered when i got it last Friday from my year 1 student, Syahreez. Last Friday was the nursery rhymes competition for Year's actually for the English week activity, but then the teacher's in charge wants to do it quickly last week...with no preparation done by me and my class, we just practiced in the class only 2 days before the competition day. can already guess how they performed that time, dalam kelas bukan main....korang la hero...atas pentas...mulut pun x bukak! uih....! geram pun ade...but then..they did their best and got the 5th place among 7th....tooo bad! haha...

then, during the recess, this boy came to the staff room and looking for me. i never expected he would do such thing, coz he's just like a mature to say ya... for example, while all his friends is competing to write in front, on the whiteboard, he just sit there and wait till them finish, you know kids react when they get excited... but he's really a good student of mine. ok..back to the story..Syahreez come to me and show me this 'thing' as if it is mine...but it is not...then i told him, "it's not mine....and r u sure it's mine?" then he just said, "i bought it for you..." and ran away after i gave him lollipop in return....

and it is....a PEN MERAH!!!

[the pen merah...]

[some of the boys with the 5th sign: aiman dracula, shuhyl and syahreez]

p/s: i'm really touched for it.......and senah laughed very hard for this...! cet3!!!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

You know i love you.....

p/s: =)