Tuesday, February 1, 2011

life is like a drama, but it's not perfect as it is.

it's been a while...and i think i keep saying those words in every posting of mine lately. Not that i'm not aware of it, it's just...YES..it's really been a while..i miss writing here, but the time constrains really bugs me now days.. i don't know what actually I'm doing that makes myself so busy and stuff. and like before, works will never be finished.

Sometimes in order to escape the reality, you just need to create your own fantasy where you;ll be really comfortable in it. Ignore anybody who don't understand yours, as long as you feel fine and happy in what your doing. the pass weeks, tho I'm busy, but i've been spoil with dramas. two perfect dramas that i think or most of us would have a thought to be one of these characters in it. how the heroin got to meet the gorgeous man, even though how ugly or clumsy or even boyish she is, there's still a handsome tall man will chase after her and will do anything to get her attention. That's the typical drama that you'll be seeing everyday. Taking about real life, we do have our own drama in our own script. it's just that you don't know how the story of your life will lead you further. seeing the character cried, you also cried along with them, as if you really understand how it feels to be what they feel that time. When it comes to the hero, everything seems perfect. He's the man of your dream. The great imagination and the perfect human being in the world. But, the sadden thing is the role is just a creation made by the writer.

Life hasn't been this perfect, there must be some way that you will also get hurt the most. A time when you feel really down that you don't have any energy to face the day, or even a time when you really want to deeply fall in love like any other people but you just can't. Just because you're in a reality world when anything can't be predicted. Sometimes you always feels to be in other people shoes like adoring how perfect their life could be, but at the end you just have to be grateful for who you are because your living on this earth must have a great reason that sooner or later you will know the meaning underlying the life that's been given by Him. Poorly, we are just who we are. and they are also who they are. This is the life...this is the reality that we must face everyday...^^

p/s : too many perfect storylines struck in the head sometimes can make me drown by it...T_T