Saturday, February 27, 2010

kerana sepasang dress....

selama 22 taun aku hirup oksigen kt muke bumi nie, this is the first time thing really changing in me. As we grow older, we can see how different we can change before we realise about it. i'm born in a family which have strong men in the house. Meaning that, the influence of being a cute little girl with a pink dress, a nice girlie shoes and even a long hair would never happen in my life since my other 4 siblings are boys. As i remembered when i'm a kid around 5-7 years old, i can count how many times i wore a skirt and it happen only once. For the first time dressing in a flowery girlie dress was when i'm in standard 1 at SKKD, singing rhyme songs in front of the assembley which was on 1995.....that was the last! and it was a borrowed one!

After that, i'm more comfortable with trousers and shirts and short hair! Each day, I've been dreaming in becoming the most 'slumber' person with a slumber attire. i always have a thought that women clothes are to hard to wear. Mane nak matching dengan handbag la, kasut la and stuff. That's no including make-up n stuff.! so by wearing n adoring men's attire sort like a must in teenager time! hahaha

and 360 degree thing happen was, yesterday when i bought myself a dress! a black dress to be exact for tesl masquerade nite, after an emergency plan at 8pm last nite for the dress hunting! am i insane??? when i make the decision to take 'it' as part of my life (cewah!!!!), i'm shivering really hard! it's like how the groom wants to shake tok kadi's hand for akad nikah! seriously! i bought that??? OMG! and yeah...thanks to the peers all around me who keep pushing me saying this is the last of all, "mane lagi ko nak pakai mcm nie, nie la last beb! idup ke mati ke ko kne cari jgk sepasang dress!" bla...bla..bla...watever! hahaha

and...and...and...the most xleh blah part was:

Harvey: hahaha the most highlight part for tomorrow event is seeing u in dress!!! finally! yeah3! (me: @%#^$&**(!(&#^#*#&^)

Leen: ahaha ak nak tunggu die pakai heels!!! (me: nak tgk ak jth tergolek ye?)

so, tomorrow would be the day! no expectation other then, i maybe 'tersadung' somewhere due to the heels or...something else happen!! (down~~~~)

p/s: and senah also finally decided in looking one for her since i used the same approach as the other above, "bile lagi nak ade baju mcm tue???" wakakakaka and the hunting mission begin again tomorrow for the masquerade ball at night!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

i want updates....!!

i want to update my blog!!
so much to says and tells and stories...
but then..the laziness stops me!
i am such a lazy person! am i lazy?
yes i am! haha
i want to tell how we're ended up eating at the ahjuhmaa korean food stall twice last week,
i want to say how busy i am for this whole week with class and tesl nite yg ntah ape2 tue..,
i also want to tell story about senah's terengganu trip..(but the..let her storyla kan?)

p/s: any medicine for that??