Sunday, August 22, 2010

i win???

p/s: yeah... i win!! soo please!!! let me go!!! huhuhuh

Saturday, August 21, 2010


it's such a lame when you're 22 but been treated like 12...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

pick me...choose 4 me....

how's the title???
psycho much??....ekeke..
the pick me..choose me lines is from Grey's..
i don't remember which season..
but i think the earlier one..when Meredith wants Derek to pick her over Addison..
ok..enough with Grey's triology...haha..not going to do the synopsis of the show here..
[btw..i just realised that, i missed private practice for the latest season!!]

ok...the thing that i want you to vote for is this!!!! hahaha.....


at first, i don't have any doubt of not going...since the price is quite expensive...and from the earlier post Geneses said it going to be RM150...but turn out it become Rm400 for the vvip...insane right? how on earth that would do. Still, i don't take much attention to the fanmeet, just listening to friends who's going. then, last night Unni Liza asked me where's my board?? She said you better do and post it there...your chance is still there..but then the leading person already got hundred 'LIKE' already..huhu...

so today's evening, i just gathered all my recycle things and started doing the board...i never thought it will turn out well and making Azeem as a model also sort of advantage..although his face full of chicken pox..ekeke...Right after berbuka, my board finished! this is my 2nd board so far..hehe and i posted it..and i started promoting it to friends. You never know what networking would do to you...and i'm very grateful to have supportive friends with me too in promoting the board's picture..haha [in the same time give a big traffic to 8tvnitelive facebook as well...



so...from there until now...i manage to collect 90 'LIKES' in 5 hours from all the first i thought only 10 people chosen to enter this contest and only 1 winner, but when i read again it said...
"The 10 people who get the most "Likes" for their photos will get the following:......."

so i still have the long as i maintain the 'LIKE' from the people....aaaa! still can't believe this!!!! hehe...will get to see the magnae in SS501 for free...hope the luck will be on my side..cause it never be when it comes to contest. huhuhu...


what can i say...i heart all of you who'd help...really!!! i've never done this before..and it's really a good and amzing things to do...thanks a million to Nieza, for being nervous with me, also working hard for the 'LIKE', i really touched how we could have done this so far cause not even a month we've know each other...that's the power of fandom...once a TS..always a TS....
Lets wait till the end of this much i would gain from's end tomorrow, 20th August 2010 and the result will be announce on 21st August 2010 live from 8tv nite tune in ya..? hehe..

and don't forget to "LIKE" this photo....

this is the link..

[8tv Kim Hyung Joon fan board contest]


if u unable to like it, just "LIKE' the 8tv page first, then you can proceed by "LIKE-ING" my board afterward...hehehe...see ya with the like!!!! hehehe


the contest ends already today (21/8/2010). With over 260 likes...i just hope for the best...hehe...

p/s: feels like voting for the general election je...hehehe

Sunday, August 15, 2010


love tumblr!!!
new thing to explore hahaha...
dun know the function much except uploading...hahaha..

Saturday, August 14, 2010

when a friend meets a friend...

so here i am, in U.K.M again....2nd time this week...haha..
on Monday i already here with Fatin's family for her big day...
CONGRATULATION!!! friend...finally you're graduated!!!!
and on that day itself i received a call that interested in 'seeing' me that friday which means today...

and today i'm here again, arrived yesterday evening for an interview which happen this morning..
[ok...i feel this sentence kindda 'keling' sket...buat2 paham je la...] haha
so i stayed U.K.M in fatin's room..hahaha..

the interview went well...
NO! i don't tersengguk this time...[cynical enough!]
i arrived an hour early..and since it was held in a famous place, Palace of the Golden Horses..
everybody said WOW!
but actually it's was occurred in the hotel's lobby! [screwed you!!]
i even asked the receptionist if there's any function room been booked by the company that i will be interviewed. but none!
aigo....luckily the interview went well..
most of it, they asked about how their methodologies can be imply in current education..
i just 'goreng' what i had too..
it turn out nice and harmony [cewah!! exaggerate ok!]
and both interviewer quite friendly and make the situation in a relax mode...
not hoping much...but if they offer good salary..i'll grab the chance...hehe

i had bukak puasa with Jue today...
unexpected plan turn out to be well planned...
been planning since last week..but since everything was in chaos..too hard to rush for a meeting..
so we finally made it today at MidValley!!!
the easiest place to reach from our place...hehe...
i arrived there late..around 715pm...
she's been there around 630pm...
poor her need to wait for me as she's came straight away from work...
we had our bimbimbap as always...ONLY bimbimbap..too broke to order others...ehehehe
and chit chatting n gossiping non-stop!!!
i told her bout my 1 month life, she told me about her new career life..
and it continue until we have to move on and take our own path again....
it's too different talking to people face to face compare to ym-ing or fb-king...
missed the old memories..=(

journey back home..
to that undesirable, indescribable it??

oh..when i'm in the train...i caught up a new word....
rarely used..first time i saw it in my life...
so who said they know everything about English vocab?? me..don't! haha


[To make clean, bright, or fresh again; renovate.]

the report talk about the Hentian Pudu who will not finish re-build on this Hari Raya

and also this...was asked by Fatin's roomate,


(sjûrn, s-jûrn)

[A temporary stay; a brief period of residence]

Simple meaning right...yet the word is soooo bombastic! soo realistic, fantastic..haahaha

p/s: a a day..

Friday, August 13, 2010

people perception...


p/s: screw the's your life...hahaha... O_O

Sunday, August 8, 2010

who am i?

wah!! first time got a tag..and i got it from Tim..haha thanks so much dongsaeng! plus, it also the first time i'm thinking hard about myself..adeh!! right until i wrote this part, i manage to list down only 14 things about me...haha [bad..bad..bad..]

Once you’
ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 30 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

1. i tend to write down things on paper first, then i will type it out. i have no idea y!

2. i think i've the split personality..hard to explain..but i just have.

3. i also think i have like 2 forever enemies in my life which would be really miracle if we be nice to each other again. but i have countless friends, so don't bother 'bout that. [ngeee...]

4. i hate my english. i made an entry about it before. but i love the language although i dun support the PPSMI..haha..[ dad, plz send me to the native speakers' countries..i don't mind sitting in the FedEx box like 'George of the jungle'. =P]

5. my weakness is that 'i care too much' [papa roach-scars]....on everything. [kindda sick sometimes but can't endure it yet...]

6. i simply get curious by everything...EVERYTHING! [thanks to the google by providing everything i need hakhakahk]

7. i can feel myself get drain from any good info or knowledge lately, which is bad! It's a sign that my brain just don't think hard. maybe due to lack of reading.!! aaaa come back to me~~~

8. because of Westlife, i have a penpal that last more than 10 years since i was 12 years old. And yes we're still in contact until today. *winks!*

9. because of SS501, i really expend my friends..from a stranger then turn into someone really close...that you never imagine how cool we are~~

10. i dun regret a single thing by being a fan, as much as it's look , i really learn a LOT of things that keep myself grows and making me of what i am today.

11. till this date, 080810 [nice number!] i'm still unemployed! attended one interview, but i screwed it up. [*bangs head to the wall~~~*]

12. it's hard to list 30 facts/things about yourself since, it's the people around you are judging you who you are and what you do.

13. writing is hard! i really adore people who writes so much yet so long in their blogs. Like they turn the talking into words..really wow! dat's y i really admire the writers..[novelist. script writers. etc..etc..]

14. i really can work under pressure. Really! it makes me more focus and i will be surprise with the result. and this time, you will see yourself pushing to the limit..whether u get through or failed!

15. if i drink nescafe, i can hold up until the next day not closing my eyes an inch. the most would be 24 hours non sleep! [it really happen!]

16. i haven't done my essay for job's application!!!!!!! [failed!!!!!]

17. oh..i love basketball but never in my life compete in a tournament.

18. i'm suck in don't ever imagine myself in "Spell It Right" challenge...hahaha

19. kindda don't like the cheezy weezy lines...hahaha

20. i eat everything..except the rock and stick wood..[see the body la...haha]

21. if i pissed with people, i tend not to look into their eyes when we're talking..

22. i really wondering if i'm not taking TESL as my major, what would i do?

23. i can't measure things by math sequence e.g. 4km, 3m, just give me the exact info in things that i can in minutes maybe? hahaha...

24. i'm still thinking hard now in completing this up to 30...haha

25. favorite line would be...'hahahaha' 'hehehehe' or 'ekekekeke'

26. i don't really into anime..i just read and follow detective conan only haha

27. i'm universal. not judging until it's should be judge.

28. i really believe that some people just born lucky enough in this world....O_O

29. most of the lines that i type here start with the pronoun 'I'. of's all referring to ME!

30. finally!!!! who am i??????


p/s: with these 30 facts it still hard to know a person..haha

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August surprises...!!! Anyone?

too many surprises in these few days, it really killing me inside softly...really!! aaaaaaa!

1. This fella is actually got her first job after graduating!!!!!!! ommo!! i'm speechless when she called me and keep saying OMG!OMG!...i tot of wat...n suddenly realized..yeah..she's going to start her hectic life soon. We're just got so inspired in finding the potential company or collage address to send out the resume the night before and today she got a call for being accepted to work! oh, hell YES i'm jealous!! haha...but not the negative one..more about myself being unemployed at home..Ju, kerja kuat2 yea?? Nanti blanje aku! hahaha

2. 김형준 is confirm going to town!!!!! i mean after the Geneses makes us, TS, to 'LIKE' their status for that, then late in the evening they announced that they will bring him for a fan-meeting/fan-signing..haha although he's not my 김현중..but still should support the SS501 members ..haha..also really give a big shock for a short notice like this...aaaa..a big plan ahead..stalking and hunting SS501 come again!! this time, he's alone..ekeke by the way, 생일축하합니다 (saengil chukha hamnida)김형준!!!

ekeke... as for now i need to find lots of money to keep my life flows...if not im dead...who said money isn't important in this world???

3. AirAsia also the one who turn me crazy too this time, how on earth they announcing the lowest price to Korea when im in this condition??? rm255 for 2-ways!!!!! way too cheap!!! really ar!!! i'm not able to breath! seriously..kindda going crazy also....all my friends that i know are going!! are!!! Chincha!!! T_T......i wanna go of my friend even offer to pay for me first then i can pay her later...but i dun have gut to make the decision now...if im at Ju's position who already has a job, i would definitely going!

p/s: not really surprises..but makes my heart beats fast!!!! O_O

Sunday, August 1, 2010


i have nothing in mind...
or maybe i actually have it..but don't have the feeling to put it in words and sentences..haha
since this is a random post..
just want to make this 'home' alive....altho it's still lonely with nothing..hehehe O_O

p/s: me out with this lazies!!