Sunday, November 15, 2009

rewarding myself?

can i rewarding myself up? haha..
since the 'suam-suam' birthday already away..
after a long hard works...
after countless presentation & micro-tech...
after a late stay-up in completing everything....
i think i deserve it....hehe..
already placed the order...
will update soon when it's arrive in the mail box! hahah

super excited!

p/s: it don't comes cheap! [i'm positive!]
: it's 416am..n i'm still writing... =(

women are not that hard to hold....

i've just finished watching 'The Proposal' (yea...yea...i know i should have finish my proposal..but it's 90% done within a day, should give me a clap what? haha...) Ok! back to the story, (Ryan Reynolds is soooo adorable!!!! [iklan]) hahaha....i love the's just a simple storyline.. There will be always an arrogant woman who acted up like a dictator and somehow finally fallen in love with the guy that she never though would be the one for her..(luckily everything it is, that guys always end up to be the handsome and the handsome one!) . And it is the woman who will surrender first when it's come to to feeling-thingy thing. Meaning, if the woman really do falling in love, we will take the action first, whether to back-off or even to stand-up straight for the man she love....(am i talking bout love here?? sigh...=))

Sometimes, women used to be scared and they just like to preserve themselves not to be hurt to much or rather been hurt alone when the feeling involve. we're not that complicated (i assumed! hehe..) we're just act according to nature and think what is the best for the one we love...( yes! i'm talking bout love...haha) I just love the last scene of the movie when Margeret said her lines:

"There's a reason why i've been alone along this's because i'm comfortable that way..i think it would be easier if we forgot everything that happen and i just left..."

Andrew just keep looking at her and said:

"you're right, it would be easier..."

at last..she was saying....

"I'm scared!"

scared to fall in love or being hurt by love....(my interpretation of cuz....)

My second fave movie after 'The Lake House'...i've once asked a guy, if he happen to be in the same situation like Keanu Reeves in the movie,would he do the same thing as him?..And he said, if that what it takes, he will wait until that man do have that instinct to wait..(when it come to right person and situation....curious? find the movie and watch urself what happen..hehe) 2nd movie also by Sandra Bullock that i love...hehe...

p/s: As the men keep wondering where's his Cinderella, we're also keep looking where is my Prince Charming
:it's 3.24 am..and i'm still awake! this sleeping disorder had strucked me badly!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

i'm lazy!!!!!!

to tell you the truth.......

i'm in my lazy mood rite now!!!!!
even more lazy if compared to this Garfield!!!

  • i haven't finished my research proposal that supposed to due last thursday !
  • i haven't updated this blog for a long time!
  • i 've done nothing!!!
  • argghhhhhh!!! i hate this! my everyday activities: got up, class, korean! (to be precise update about ss501), eating and eating and eating and sleep!
  • i lost my courage, spirit n finishing my works! (even senah keep nagging n smirk at me!)
  • i don't know wat's happening to's like my brain dosen't function anymore!!
  • and....for sure...i'm gaining my weight just like the Garfield!
  • so wat am i going to be? the next orange Garfield???
  • i'm lethargic!
  • i'm pethetic!
  • this is me right now!

p/s: i hate me!!
: and it is 240am...and i'm still not editting my proposal's introduction yet! [dead!] n my friday's just went off like that! sighhh..... =(