Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Le Gra, Westlife.

*SMS received*

Kak Jan: Did you know Westlife is spliting?? It's all over the news and twitter!

Me: Huh?? Where's the news?  (blurrrr) [replied.]

Kak Jan : Twitter, si Liza tweet semalam. [ in reply]

Me: *speechless + mate buntang xleh tido dah*

That's the news that i've received after one week of meeting them live and face to face in Malaysia.
This thing has been speculated long ago and now it's been confirm like really confirm. I haven't write my fan account during the Malaysia visit and yet this coming out them. Truthfully, i'm speechless as in not that-speechless-wanna-cry one but more to speechless; 'this fast? I've just saw you last week and you have this decision all along during the Asia Tour?'

[Taken from their official Facebook.]
Splitting in boyband is not a new thing to be cried for as it happens. Like Kak Jan said, boyband do expired, like what happen to Blue, Take That, or Boyzone. People already talked about it since Bryan left the group in 2003, but they still strong till now. After reviewing the official statement from them, it can be concluded that this is the right time for them to end it themselves as a matter of giving spaces for a new embark-able individual journey for everyone. I believe Shane wants to do business, Nicky might want to venture as an entertainer as he did before as a DJ or MC, Kian might wants to focus on his new family with the born of 'Twinkle" in anytime, while Mark, i have no prediction for Mark (LOL). The reason is too strong as it's for everybody sake not because of they arguing or somebody tried to leave the band again.

It's been 12 years since they have been together, and Shane said they have come this far just because they share the same teenage dreams long time ago and together they want to achive that dream. Westlife is not only a boyband, but it's a growing family with 5 people at first, come down to 4 and now they have expend with the juniors family coming in one after one. It's hard to maintain of course with the growing up children who needed the attention, i think it's a wise decision made by them. It's surprise to see how calm i am dealing with this matter. Not to say i'm not sad, but to what extend should i show or express my sadness over this matter. Better be happy and thinking the positive outcomes from all this matter. If fan feel the lost, then they themselves would be even worst.

I can't explain every inch of what contribution Westlife has turn me so far as it hard to describe through words and i'm not good at it. All i can say half of what i am today is actually what i learn with them, it can be said i grow older with them as from a child who will memorize every lyrics of the songs, bought every albums that they released and how to integrate them in everyday life routine. The name Sha Filan would not exist if there's no Shane Filan, as people always wondering what is it all about. There will be no girl with good English in the primary years, (i repeat primary years not now ) who tried to translate every words that came out from their mouths, or even memorize their countless dialogs in the DVDs. It's all affect me after all. 

I'm not regret for what i've sacrificed and done as a fan. Even better after i finally met them especially Shane Filan in Malaysia earlier this October. It's like a dream come true with unimaginable encounters with them all along while they're here. I come to notice that Shane and Nicky are very friendly, Kian can be a little moody and Mark can be both. Of course i will post up my fan account for that as it's a lots of things to be shared and i also have promised to my concert partner, Dhiya to put it up.

Well Westlife, though it's the end of WESTLIFE, but it's already live it up in me. I already used to the wordings, the names, the songs, and even the hazel eyes that Shane has.LOL. Not to mention, the last gift that he left me before he flew off from Malaysia. i would always believe that once you're a fan, you would always be one no matter how many others come and go. If one day you're going to make a comeback just because you're already broke, don't worry i will still support all of you like before. hahaha.

Till then,

Le Gra, Go Deo,
 Sha Filan xxx